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October 13, 2021
Is your technique effortLESS… or effortFULL?
Is your technique less than stellar, and you KNOW it could be better, but excess tension or pain keeps getting in your way?
Is effortless technique just a far off dream that seems meant for everybody else, but not you?
Here’s what usually happens to throw us off when the going gets tough – whether you’re on stage, at an audition, or playing for somebody who intimidates you.
Can you recognize this pattern in yourself?
Try harder, try to be in control
Get stiff, tight, compress
Progress is slow, things feel hard
Frustration rises, anxiety increases, mood plummets
Technique is inconsistent, unreliable
Results are less than stellar
Feel bad, never “good enough”
Fear for your future in music… maybe even pain or injury… 🙁
But WAIT! THERE IS A SOLUTION – and it’s SO EASY once you know what it is and how to do it! 🙂
Once you know how to stop the downward spiral of this unfortunate chain of events, and you’re able to apply your NATURALLY EXCELLENT mind-body coordination to your thoughts and movements, your technique will become surprisingly…
⭐ Relaxed
⭐ Easy
⭐ Accurate
⭐ Reliable
⭐ Stellar!!!
…without even trying.
Even when you’re away from the instrument!
That’s exactly what happened to me last week, when I thought I was done with my recording of the Kreisler Recitativo and Scherzo-Caprice… but when I listened more carefully I suddenly realized that my chromatic octaves were WRONG and I’d inserted two extra notes and an extra beat without even realizing it – AYAYAY!!! Horrors!!! 😱
What was I going to do?!??
I hadn’t touched my violin for about a month and I needed to get the right notes onto this recording quick!
Happily, I didn’t freak out.
Why? Because I’d been practicing my Primary Instrument (ME – my mind-body coordination) with The Art of Freedom Method and Primal Alexander (hands-free Alexander Technique), and teaching it, almost every day.
I trusted that my brain knew exactly what to tell my fingers in order to re-record those octaves and get them right. Sure enough, I sent the tracks off to my engineer for editing within half an hour.
Phew! No stress!🙂
The truth is, I was playing better after a month away from my violin, and my technique was effortless, because of this amazing holistic approach to life and music-making that really truly WORKS.
The first step to changing the negative sequence of events I shared at the top of this post, and tipping things in your favor for ease and effortless technique and success, is to skillfully OBSERVE what’s actually happening.
You need to recognize what happens to you when you’re experiencing stress, and notice how your mind-body-self is reacting.
Then, you need to know how to stop the sequence – how to cut it off at the ROOT – and how to reprogram your WHOLE organism to have an open, positive response in mind, body, emotions, and spirit, instead of the usual negative, contractive one that causes tension, pain, anxiety…. causing mistakes and PAIN!
Can you choose a different response?
Do you know how to do that in the moment when things are really hard, stressful, and you’re full of anxiety?
This is a skill. It’s perhaps THE most important skill you can learn in life.
Good news is… it’s SO SIMPLE, and SO EASY to learn.
Are you ready to release the thought patterns that lead to physical discomfort and performance anxiety?
Are you ready to learn how to get out of the habitual negative loops that keep preventing you from fulfilling your potential and from fully enjoying your BEST, most effortless technique ever?
Contact me to learn more – just message me here or email me at Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me and ask me which program would be right for you. I can hardly wait to share this knowledge with you so you can dramatically improve the way you make music!


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