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November 13, 2020

Does life feel shaky right now? Is your motivation slipping out of sight?Thinking of throwing in the towel as a professional musician? Wait! Read this first!

I know you want a life where…

  • you know how to use your low moods to your advantage and how to shift negative energy into a positive, energized attitude for great teaching and music-making
  • you know how to use your low moods to your advantage and how to shift negative energy into a positive, energized attitude for great teaching and music-making
  • you feel calm, confident, and satisfied, because you know that everything’s working itself out and you’re in full control of your life as a musician
  • you wake up enthusiastic, eager to work on projects that excite you and allow you to express your best, most creative self
  • you know how to manage time so that your life feels balanced and you have plenty of time to do what makes you happiest.

It’s no secret that musicians are feeling especially unmotivated and anxious these days – we’re even more moody than usual because the pandemic is wreaking havoc on the way we usually do things.

These times are unusually hard, and we need to drum up unprecedented vigilance regarding our thoughts and feelings. We need to become more flexible, resilient, and open to change in a way that we haven’t had to do before.When covid-19 sprawled into a pandemic, it caused the musical world to grind to a screeching halt in most places around the world.

* No more performing in the same space as your living, breathing audience

* No more teaching your students at home or in your studio

* No more getting together for musical collaborations with colleagues…and in many cases, no more income from the usual sources. WHOA! This is a HUGE change!

In the beginning, we didn’t know how long this would last. So, even though it was scary, most of us were able to sit back and wait, trusting things would go back to normal within a few months.But, the longer this has been going on, the harder things have gotten for many musicians who rely on in-person interactions. Not only for income generation and career stability, but also for…


Mental & emotional health: staying “in the game” by nurturing professional relationships while engaging in music-making that feeds your creative spirit


 Physical health: getting out of the house, moving…and hugging!


Life-balance: now that we’re home most of the time, where have the routines gone? How do we manage our time and energy when the rug has been pulled out from under us?

There’s a way you can build an immensely creative and fulfilling career – even during this era of isolation and wild uncertainty. But, it might look different from what you think.

It’s not about throwing in the towel to go do something else. After all, you’ve dedicated decades of your life and so much passionate devotion and hard work into becoming the best musician you can be!

Even though you may wonder whether you should go in a different direction right now, are you sure you’ll be able to keep your creative passion alive or recover it easily later if you abandon it now?

The way forward is so simple you’ll probably roll your eyes and you might not believe me.

What it comes down to is being ultra-present in the moment, tapping into your intuition, claiming your true desires, and knowing exactly how to shift your thinking away from fear and negativity and back into creative flow, integration, and ease.

Then, it’s a matter of opening up to new opportunities and developing a clear, aligned action plan.

This is precisely what I teach my clients using The Art of Freedom® Method for Conscious Living and Masterful Artistry. I teach my clients the 5 Life Pillars and how to apply them to specific challenges, situations, and goals.

The pillars are: Purpose, Mind, Body, Spirit, and Artistry.All it takes is an open mind, a willingness to see new possibilities, and a self-commitment to practice what you’re learning for just a few minutes every day. (It’s even easier than getting out your instrument and playing scales, because we’re learning how to use our PRIMARY instrument – the mind-body-self.)

Everything’s easier when you’re working WITH your natural design, you’re not fighting yourself or pushing yourself around, and you’re not being a victim of your circumstances.

When we first start working together, we dive deep, exploring your Purpose, goals, and desires. Once we start identifying these, we can create an action plan for bringing more ease and success into your life. I put together a visual representation Life-Design mindmap for you, and we get to work taking you where you want to go over the next six months.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have tremendous clarity about what to do to get yourself back on track any time things get hard. You’ll feel more confident, inspired, motivated, and enthusiastic about doing the work you’re meant to do, making a real difference in the world through heart-to-heart connection with your audiences and students – in person or online.

You can have a thriving online teaching studio up and running if that’s what you want. And you’ll know how to perform and make REAL connection with REAL audiences over the internet – if that’s what you want.

No more superficial, lousy connections that don’t fulfill your purpose, feed your soul, or move your audiences. You’ll learn how to do the real thing for yourself and those around you – despite covid-19 or any other obstacle.

Not only that, but you’ll feel better in your body, heal from injury, know how to focus your mind, and how to be poised and confident when you present yourself and your music.AND… during the six months, you’ll also have an incredible international community of like-hearted musicians working on the same things you are, supporting and encouraging you every step of the way. 


Once you learn The Art of Freedom®, you’ll know how to feel free and be yourself, and how to bring more and more success into every area of your life – for years to come – long after the pandemic is ancient history!
You will know how to…


 Get yourself motivated, organized, and in control of your time


 Improve your mental state and relax your body instantly, whenever you want


 Use the internet to your advantage and make a real difference to your audiences and students without compromising your standards online


 Make better music, overcome technical limitations, and tap into creative, heartfelt expressivity


 Be focused, confident and relaxed with your instrument when you teach, practice and perform

If you’re passionate about your career and you don’t want to quit but you’re not sure how to move forward…let’s talk.

I currently have just a few spots available for musicians who are committed to THRIVING during the pandemic and enjoying a healthier, happier, and more successful life as a musician, so private message me soon.

With Love & Enthusiasm,
Jennifer xo

p.s. Want to know more? Click here for a Live Chat with me. If I’m at my desk, I’d love to connect and answer your questions!


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