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February 4, 2022

Is it finally time for you to stop suffering?

I’ve seen it for my whole life.


It started when my dad used to take me to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra as a kid. We’d sit up front so I could watch the violinists up close, and I loved that!


But, being a very sensitive child, I was all too aware of the pain and unhappiness I saw in most of those violinists. I could feel it.


That’s when I decided I wanted to be a soloist and not an orchestra musician.


Of course, I found out later on that soloists and other kinds of musicians also live unhealthy, imbalanced lives and suffer from their own brands of pain and unhappiness!


As a professional musician and coach specializing in helping musicians overcome all kinds of issues getting in the way of their joy and abundant success, I continue to see so many musicians feeling stuck in limited ways of thinking and being…


…making themselves small and blocking the infinite love and light that needs to be expressed for their own healing…


…and for the healing of the world.


Too many musicians are suffering – too much, and for too long.


Of course, suffering in mind, body, and soul is inevitable when you’re going through life as a human being!


But I strongly believe there’s far too much suffering in the musical world.


Musicians with physical pain, like tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome… overuse injuries… TMJ… sore necks and backs….


Musicians who feel anxious and stressed whenever they go to perform, with performance anxiety robbing them of fully enjoying their performance…


Musicians who practice for hours and hours, years and years, and STILL feel frustrated by technical or musical limitations that make them suspect that maybe they’ll never be “good enough”, and they’ll never be able to live up to expectations and fulfill their artistic potential.


It makes me sad, because I know – from my own personal experience and from helping hundreds of musicians over the years – that all of these modes of suffering are entirely preventable, and curable.


It is possible to realize your potential, feel great, and be FREE of your habitual struggles!


If you can relate to what I’ve been saying here, you’ve probably already tried plenty of ways to feel better and play better over the years.


The problem is, nothing will REALLY get to the root of the problem (whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional) if the remedy doesn’t take into account your whole self AND how you play your instrument.


Sure, meditation helps calm the mind in the moment… if you aren’t in the middle of a challenging technical passage in the middle of a performance, or trying to explain something to your student during a lesson.


Yes, Yoga stretches can be beneficial when done wisely… but does yoga teach you how to heal from injury or over-stretching… or how to play very quick chromatic scales with effortless ease when you’re in front of 1000 people?


Massage and chiropractic treatments feel great when you’re there, and for a day or so afterwards… until you need to go back for another fix.


And while a music teacher can help you understand that you need to relax your shoulder or your wrist so your bow changes become smoother, it’s a rare teacher who can see that your tension isn’t actually limited to a specific body part, and who knows exactly what to tell you to integrate your whole self to heal in mind, body, and spirit and improve your technique and musicianship with effortless EASE.


What about drugs?


Sure – they can help calm your anxiety or relieve your depression – but do they help you prepare for an audition, heal your tendinitis, or help you with your jaw tension and playing clean arpeggios?


The ONLY thing I know of that can and will help you with ALL of these things – GUARANTEED – is The Art of Freedom® Method and hands-free Primal Alexander.


Because they address the WHOLE person, how you bring your whole self to your instrument, and how you think and move when you practice and perform.


If you’re suffering in any way as a musician, why suffer more and longer than necessary?


Isn’t it finally time to face ALL of it, stop settling for partial, temporary fixes, and find EASE for your whole self?


I can help you with this, if you have a sincere wish to let go of what hasn’t really been working, so you can learn and discover a fresh, exciting, powerful, beautiful, and truly AMAZING way new way of living and making music….with EASE and JOY.


To find out how, just message me or email me at Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me


I will be happy to chat with you about whatever might be getting in the way of your best music-making and joyful, fulfilling life.


I look forward to receiving your message soon!


With Love,


Jennifer xo


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