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April 8, 2021

Too many musicians are stuck in a vicious cycle, unable to find their way out.

If you’re in pain, you might be wondering if the discomfort you feel when you play your instrument means there’s something seriously wrong with you, since you aren’t getting better, no matter what you do. ?

You’ve tried just about everything out there: massage, stretching, chiropractic, acupuncture…drugs…you name it. But nothing eases your discomfort for long, and you really miss being able to play your instrument without obsessing over your pain. ?

Thankfully, the doctors aren’t insisting on surgery, but there’s nothing else they can recommend beyond physical therapy. ?

So, are you just supposed to resign yourself to playing with pain and discomfort for the rest of your life?

Of course not! Where there’s a will, there’s always a way!

But if you keep hitting a wall, its clearly time for a reality check and course-correction. ?

I’ve helped countless musicians over the years to overcome their pain. In every single case, before a musician can truly resolve their problem, they first need to see that they’re stuck in a self-perpetuating vicious cycle. ?


Reality check:

  • How long since you first began feeling discomfort when you play?
  • How long have you tried to take care of it yourself?
  • How much time, energy, and money have you poured into dead-end “solutions”, therapies, exercise balls, potions, and specialists?
  • When you finally get some relief, how long does it take for the pain to come back – in the same place or disguised as something different?

Have you considered that maybe the whole way you’re going about finding a solution – and how you’re thinking about the pain – might actually be a central part of the problem? ?

Here’s what’s inevitably going on, the vicious cycle I see all of my students fall into when they’re in pain.

The vicious cycle:

Something happens (it doesn’t really matter what)
The body sends pain signals to the brain
You experience pain
Instinctive reaction against the feeling of pain
Negative thoughts and emotions reject the pain
Movement to DO something in an attempt to fix, change, deny, mask, run away from, or fight the experience of pain
More pain
Repeat endlessly ?
….until something finally interrupts the vicious cycle and something different can occur that doesn’t trigger the pain.

Now, consider this…

✅ What if you could learn to interrupt this chain of events and get a more comfortable result in your body?

✅ What if you could reduce your experience of pain over time by choosing a different response and creating a new process that is constructive instead of destructive?

✅ What if I told you that this is actually INCREDIBLY simple, easy to do, and quick to learn?

I bet you wouldn’t believe me.

After all, everybody “knows” the kind of pain you’ve been trying to heal for so long doesn’t just go away overnight.

Well, I’m not saying it will go away overnight. But I AM saying what F.M. Alexander said: “You can change the habits of a lifetime in an instant…if you use your brains.”

And when you repeat the super-simple process I’ll teach you, pain progressively lessens, and may very well disappear completely, like it has for my many of students and for me. ?️ ?

But you’ll need to try it to believe it for yourself – which is why I offer a 100% money-back guarantee on The Musician’s Advantage™ Jumpstart “Special Pain Edition”.

In this program, you’ll learn a new way to respond to your pain and heal – not just your body, but your whole self, while learning how to vastly improve your music-making in the process, with this powerful three-pronged approach:

? A Private Coaching Session:

Get expert feedback and personalized solutions in a private session with me. I’ll help you apply and adapt my process to your unique situation and how you play your instrument for maximum benefit, with the least amount of effort. (This works even if you can’t play right now, due to an injury. THIS is the time to learn how to do this, so you can heal and prevent further injury!)

? Self-Study:

You’ll get my 3-week Jumpstart foundations course, where you’ll learn the principles of The Art of Freedom® Method and the Alexander Technique to create positive new habits and improve your mind-body skills. Practice what you learn for just a few minutes a day, and positive results are guaranteed.

Live Group Classes & Supportive Community:

Belong to an amazing international community and learn along with other musicians working on the same things you are. Masterclass time includes personalized instruction. Video tutorial archives are included with membership.
In The Musician’s Advantage™ Jumpstart program, you’ll learn how to apply The Art of Freedom® Method to promote healing of your whole self while improving the very foundations of your music-making – with noticeable change happening on Day 1.

This process is GUARANTEED to help you, or your money back.

If you want to learn exactly how to take charge of your own mind and body so you can feel better and enjoy your music again sooner, message me to learn more about the “Special Pain Edition” of The Musician’s Advantage™ Jumpstart beginning in April. If you’re in pain and you want a new, proven way out, drop a comment below and ask me for the details!

With Love & Enthusiasm,

p.s. HUGE BONUS for early registration BY APRIL 1st! Email me at Jennifer@ARtofFreedom.me ASAP so you don’t miss this. ❤



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