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March 11, 2022
Some people name their instruments.
Some people talk to them.
Some people think their instruments hate them.
Yes, I once had a coaching client who was convinced her trumpet was making her sound bad because it hated her, and she was THIS close to quitting music altogether.
It didn’t help that she was in a largely “man’s world” as a brass player at the time, and she felt as uncomfortable in her environment as she did with her instrument.
Through our work together, though, she stuck with it… had a breakthrough when she stopped being afraid that her audiences were judging her… fell in love with her instrument and music again…
… and years later, she is now a successful, sought-after performer and on the faculty of a prestigious music school at a university. VERY happy ending! 🙂
Check out this video if you want some tips on how to develop a better relationship with your instrument.
Another time, I had a student who told me her private coaching sessions with me felt like “couples counseling” for her and her clarinet. I’m STILL laughing about that!!
But… in a way, she was right.
It is ESSENTIAL to develop a healthy relationship with your instrument if you want to be able to play together with ease, and share your music with JOY.
How do YOU feel about your instrument? Share below!
Want to learn more specifics on this and related topics, like stress/tension/pain relief, getting over performance anxiety, and improving your technique?
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