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October 2, 2020

It’s hard for musicians these days!

It’s impossible to predict the future – especially because we don’t know what’s going to happen with this pandemic. I myself have had performances canceled and I know it doesn’t feel fun. A lot of you are struggling and I really empathize…

When things aren’t working out the way they used to, it’s easy to have your confidence knocked down and it’s hard to trust that things are going to go back to normal any time soon.

In today’s video, I offer some advice on how to pick yourself up again when you start losing confidence and are plagued by worry and self-doubt.

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You can increase your confidence as a musician during these uncertain times if you make a habit of these two things:

1) Face the truth
2) Know how to get control over your thoughts

When you’re in a situation that is feeling uncertain or scary… the first thing you have to do is face the truth. You have to take the time to stop what you’re doing – actually pause to check in with your self. You must dedicate time for yourself and observe what’s going on within you – phsyically, mentally, emotionally, and spirtually. Listen to yourself and face the truth, as uncomfortable as it may be.

You need to have powerful, quick ways to control your thoughts and shift your mindset. Knowing how to be in charge of your mind gives you control over your entire self. When you learn how to do that with very specific skills that I teach and know the specific things to look out for when you catch yourself going down… it’s actually very easy to change direction, rise up, and shine out. This ability is what inspires confidence!

When you can just be yourself, everything you do gets easier.

Imagine what it would feel like to be happy in your own skin, have confidence, no self-doubt, and just be yourself, regardless of circumstances!

I can tell you… it feels GREAT!! And it’s entirely possible, when you have the skills to build up your confidence on a daily basis – no matter what.

I love to hear your comments – how are you feeling about the current situation as a musician today?? Share below!

With love,

p.s. Are you ready to be yourself with full confidence? Contact me – I’d love to help you!


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