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January 28, 2021

What do you do when you’re injured and can’t use your body to make music the way you usually do?

You get worried, frustrated, and impatient, OF COURSE! ?

It’s hard not to feel bad when you can’t practice or perform normally (or at all) – whether it’s just for a few days, months – or even years if you have recurring pain that just won’t go away.

But do you know what’s even worse? ?

The way we typically react to pain can prolong injury, too. According to a 2011 study, stress causes wounds to take longer to heal.

Maybe you’ve experienced some of the following stressors when you’ve been injured:

? Over-focusing on the pain, which increases the pain

? Regret, self-blame and guilt over how you may have contributed to the injury

☔️ Worry about losing skills and the impact of injury on your career

? Feelings of impatience, frustration, bitterness, anger

?Pushing yourself to do too much too soon, in an attempt to rush the healing process

These are bad enough on their own, but they’re causing an even bigger problem.

All the stress is making your nervous system go on high alert, leading to increased muscle tension, which blocks the natural flow of energy and slows down the body’s natural healing process.

That just causes more stress, and things keep going round and round over time…and it can seem like your injury will never heal completely.

? If you want to fully recover from your injury, what you really need to do is LEARN from it. ?

You can do this by…

⚡️ Strategically observing yourself in action.

⚡️ Getting curious about how your mind, body, and emotions function together as a whole.

⚡️ Getting to know your unique habits of thinking, moving, approaching, and playing your instrument.

… And you need a holistic system and an experienced guide to show you how to do those things efficiently.

That’s how you can start responding to your injury in a positive way that allows you to live, move, and make music with real freedom of mind, body, and spirit… so you can truly be better off after your injury than you were before. ?

This is exactly what I help my clients do in my coaching programs.

I help them integrate their healing with their artistry, so they don’t just heal from injuries faster, but they become better musicians, with access to a kind of effortless freedom that was never available to them before.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ In The Musician’s Advantage™ private coaching program, I teach you my simple, step-by-step process, which begins by helping you get super-clear about your purpose and goals, so you have a firm anchor to keep you out of worry and in a positive frame of mind.

You’ll learn how to…

✅ Heal your body.
You’ll learn powerfully simple and quick “Awareness Etudes”, based on the principles of the Alexander Technique, which you can do on your own to relax and increase energy while promoting healing and ease of movement.

✅ Get control over your mind.
Change unhelpful habits by identifying unconscious thoughts that sabotage your healing and your musical success. Learn how to think in helpful ways, instead.

✅ Improve your music-making – with or without your instrument.
Consistently access creative Inspiration and flow, increase technical facility, and improve your musical expressivity, even as you wait for your body to heal from injury.

✅ Share your passion and make a positive difference. 

As you start to feel better in your body and mind, you’ll be calmer, more confident, and more motivated to open up and share your love of music freely with your students and audiences – even before you’re completely healed.

During our six months together, I’ll share powerful strategies and give you a personalized plan to promote your healing and enhance your artistry.

You’ll have plenty of private coaching, a self-study course, optional live group classes with an amazing (!) community of musicians from around the world, extensive video archives and tutorials…and so much more.

Most importantly, you’ll start feeling hopeful and empowered to heal faster, enjoy your life, and share your passion for music again – from Day 1. ?

If The Musician’s Advantage™ program sounds like something you’d be interested in, just comment below or email me at Jennifer@ArtoFreedom.me. I look forward to helping you feel better and play better…SOON!

With Love & Enthusiasm,

p.s. Curious about this month’s special offer for new coaching clients? Make sure to comment below or send me an email to Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me!



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