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September 18, 2020

If you want to achieve the impossible, you need to believe in the possible!

Kids are very good at dreaming up seemingly impossible things that they want to do with their life and adults are (sadly) usually pretty good at getting rid of those crazy ideas.

Kids eventually lose some of their ability to dream because they’ve been told repeatedly… “Oh that’s not possible, you can’t do that,” and “No don’t even think about doing that, you should be doing this instead.”

Can anyone relate to this? Did anyone in your past – adults, parents, older siblings, educators – try to knock a dream out of you? Comment below and tell us what it was like. Did that influence the choices you made in your life? Do you think this experience influenced how you make music?

I feel fortunate because as a kid, I was VERY clear about what I wanted, and I had no doubt that I would become a great violinist. I was single-mindedly focused on that dream and I had loving parents to support me along the way.

I changed my mind later, and now I’m coming full-circle again and realizing my dreams little by little… Thankfully, I’ve got the imagination, the will, and the mind-body skills to make it happen. This is the kind of determination and ACTION-taking that I teach my students every day.

In today’s video, I share how I manage to do seemingly impossible things all the time (I’ll tell you a bit about my lifelong recording dreams and current process), and I explain how YOU can accomplish the impossible, too…. by applying the 5 Pillars of The Art of Freedom® Method for conscious living & masterful artistry:

1. Purpose
2. Mind
3. Body
4. Spirit
5. Artistry/Music

Watch the video here:

It’s really helpful, when you think that something is impossible, to get inspired by other people out there who have achieved things that seemed impossible.

Sometimes I’ll see a successful person I admire, and I’ll think… “Wow if she can do it, then I can do it! Why not?”

Maybe some of my experience can inspire you too… that is my hope.

You can achieve your goals – even if they seem impossible – as long as you BELIEVE that they just might be possible!

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