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November 10, 2015
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Jascha Heifetz

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You’ve seen the star performers who take your breath away and make your eyes pop out, the ones that make you sit up at the edge of your seat, the musicians who touch your heart and bring tears to your face.

You’ve wondered: how can they make it look SO EASY?!

They play their instruments, sing, and move their bodies with such grace that the beauty of their performance transforms you into other worlds… and wakes you up to all kinds of new possibilities.


So you go home after the concert and pick up your instrument to practice – because you want to be able to play like that, too!

But after awhile, you realize you just can’t do it with the ease that they do, and you get frustrated.

So what IS it that they have that you don’t?!

Maybe it’s star talent or a gift they’re born with… maybe it’s their many years of training and experience… maybe both.

But no matter what their heredity or life experience, there’s a secret ability that allows the best performers to access effortless precision and flow in the moment – whether they know how they do it or not.

Here’s the good news: it’s a secret that YOU CAN LEARN!

So… What’s the Secret?

The greatest musicians – the star performers – know how to coordinate their mind-body-selves with incredible self-control. In this article, I will give you the first step to accessing this innate ability to be well-coordinated – an ability that we ALL have as human beings – so can consciously tap into the natural skills that will make EVERYTHING you do easier, including playing technical musical passages with astonishing ease.

You see, the human design is pretty miraculous. We are designed to function well in upright, vertical bodies that move with ease and grace. Unfortunately, we also have the free will to be able to INTERFERE with our beautiful design! We interfere with our natural functioning in millions of ways, which include obvious or very subtle fears, excessive muscular tension, and too much mind chatter.

The #1 secret to invincible technique is learning how to STOP interfering so we can relax into our natural design – so that our mind-body-self can start to feel supported, release excess tension, and become calm, centered, and open to moving with supreme efficiency. Learning how to do this takes dedication and practice, but don’t worry, the whole point is to start making things EASIER, not more complicated! I will help steer you in the right direction, so please read on!!

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