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May 26, 2015

Alexander Technique Cincinnati musiciansI've said this before, but for me the most important benefit of the Alexander Technique is that it helps me stay open to the wonders of All-Possibility. It connects me with the Unknown – the grand Mystery of Life. And, giving myself the freedom to open up to this Mystery makes me extraordinarily happy.

Things I never thought I could do suddenly become possible…again and again. Somehow, by living this way, unusual opportunities keep cropping up. Things which at first seem impossible suddenly become theoretically possible, once I practice the Alexander skill of “inhibition” (stopping / pausing / creating space / letting go / withholding definition / taking the “road less travelled”, stepping out of habit).

As soon as something becomes theoretically possible, it IS possible.

So often, it is in that critical moment when I recognize the true potential that lies before me and within me, offering itself up to the decisions I make of my own free will, that the adventure-loving part of me dives in and responds: “YES”!

Is there an opportunity in your life right now that is peeking at you from behind a curtain of habit or doubt, a curtain which likes to hide the Unknown from you because something in you prefers the comfort of the familiar and is afraid to take that courageous leap into Mystery, from which there is no turning back towards blindness?

Is there something out there that your soul is longing for? Something that your heart tugs you towards, but which seems impossibly out of reach?

What would happen if you were to stop everything for a few moments, remember that you are free to dream and imagine wild things, and wonder if it might be possible to step into that reality of the Unknown All-Possibility? Instead of imagining your worst-case scenarios, just for a moment, can you let yourself be free to open up to the possibility of the best possible outcome?

You don't need to do anything about it.
Just open up to the possibility. Just wonder.

Now, if you can stay open to All-Possibility, it is quite possible that unexpectedly wonderful things may start to happen. Not necessarily in accordance with your dream or your imagination, and not necessarily right away, but something mysteriously good for your soul, your heart, and your whole being. It might start very slowly and imperceptibly, because the All-Possible sometimes works in extremely subtle ways. But it DOES work. This I know from first-hand experience.

Just stay open, wonder, and wait.

And continue with that. Every moment, and every day, whenever you can remember. Continue to stay open to All-Possibility!

Then, let me know what happens!


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