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June 22, 2020

In today’s live video, I shared 3 BIG reasons why reaching out is essential for effective healing – whether you’re in need of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing.

Watch the video here:
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YouTube LINK

The 3 reasons I shared are:
1) To establish balance between your inner and outer experience
2) To get help/support from others
3) To GIVE help to others

I go into each of these reasons in-depth in the half-hour video, so I hope you have some time to watch!

SPECIAL OFFER: Take Action – reach out for healing by attending my Creative Healing Workshop this weekend!

Do you know anybody in need of extra support and healing? Please do them – and me – a favor and share this link with them! People LOVED the last one, so I know it’s going to be very special for everyone present.

Be well!

Much Love,
Jennifer xo


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