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October 26, 2021

FACT: 90% of our energy is being used to suppress emotion.
WOW. Read that again…


Now, imagine how much richer your musical experience could be if you knew how to feel and unleash those emotions through movement, life, and sound?

Can you imagine that?

Because if you can, then you can make it happen, and you'll be able to make the most incredible, healing music on the planet.

The problem is – if you're like most people – you probably have no idea how to let yourself feel the entire scope and resonance of an emotion.

So you don't go there.

Because it's too scary.

Too painful.

Too overwhelming.

As a result, you only let yourself feel the tip of the iceberg. You move around a lot, and you feel a lot of musical and physical tension, but you stay mostly hard and cold on the inside…

…and you have no idea why you're unable to communicate the depths of passion, freedom, and effortlessness you know is buried inside of you as raw, unexpressed potential and unrealized dreams.

Your sound, your musical expressiveness, your ability to communicate with your audience, your capacity to share your heart, and your ability to use your technique in an effortless way to support the essence of your music… all of that reflects your BEING.

Do you know how to truly BE yourself, live yourself, express yourself, and realize the full potential of who you are as a human being and as a musician?

If you have an idea of how to do it… but you're not quite able to… then you owe yourself to learn.

Because, even though this is a natural ability, for people in this modern times and repressive culture, suppressing emotions is a way of life, and allowing oneself to feel, heal, and express is a SKILL.

I believe we each have a responsibility as human beings and a calling as artists.

You have a responsibility not only to yourself, your own wholeness and healing, but you also have a responsibility to the living beings around you, and the entire world.

You need to realize your freedom be yourself, allowing yourself to feel everything that arises – positive and negative emotions and all – and to let yourself move and be moved by them… so you can share who you truly are and thereby assist the world in its healing, as part of you.

Do you want to learn how to do this?

Does it sound scary and daunting and maybe even impossible?

I get it.

The surprising – and very good news – is that it is EASY and SIMPLE to do this. Because it's all about self-awareness and making the choice to be yourself, again and again and again.

That's not difficult.

But what IS challenging is to remember to do it, and to be able to do it regardless of the circumstances – even when you're onstage under the spotlights or being seen on camera by God knows who.

The truth is, you CAN do it – if you want.

And I can teach you.

My Art of Freedom® Method is all about learning how to heal, be, and express yourself with EASE, so you can be the best musician you can be – free of pain and anxiety.

I want that for you – just like I want it for me!

I know it's possible because I know how to do it…and I do it. I live this and I work on this and I delight in this… every single day.

And I've been teaching it to hundreds of musicians over many years, so I know it's possible for you, too.

Contact me here on messenger or via email to Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me and just tell me you want to learn more. Ask me about my private coaching or group programs, and together we'll determine which approach would be right for you at this time.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you!

With Love & Enthusiasm,
Jennifer xo


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