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April 30, 2022

What do you aspire to as an artist? What are YOUR thoughts on great artistry?



Here are a few of mine…


Great artistry shines far beyond quantitative concepts of speed, dynamics, and number of notes played.


Great art possesses an ineffable quality that is subtle, perfectly responsive and supremely flexible.


It has an ever-changing quality that cannot be reproduced; and at the same time, there is an inevitability that feels like it cannot be other than what it is.


There is no pretension, no artifice, no masking. It is innocent, pure, honest, and generous.


It pierces through the clutter and confusion of our minds like an arrow and uplifts it like the wind.


It melts the heart like fire; carries and floods the soul like a river; and soothes and heals the body, just as we are attracted to Mother Earth.



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