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Give Yourself Five Minutes of Freedom

Take a break and relax with this 5-minute Art of Freedom audio guide I created for you. Enjoy! 🙂

~ 5 Minutes of Freedom ~

5 Minutes of Freedom at the Computer by Jennifer Roig-Francoli

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“Thank you for your audio!  I enjoyed it, almost like being at your studio!  It’s interesting because it dovetails really well with some thoughts I’ve been pursuing lately.  You talk a lot about time and space.  Several weeks ago I was thinking about how so much of my stress comes from feeling like there isn’t enough time, and I got to thinking about how the universe we live in is made up entirely of space and time.  If we try to project ourselves beyond the dimension of time, it’s difficult if not impossible to imagine what other dimensions are like.  So ultimately we find ourselves immersed in time and space.  We live in time and space kind of like we breathe oxygen.  We take it for granted, but it’s all around us and it’s essential for our lives.  In a way, time and space are ALL we have and we have it in abundance.  So when I think through these thoughts it immediately helps me to feel less stressed and more relaxed.  Another related, simple thought is that “I am the space between my thoughts”.  I remember a teacher once telling me that music exists in the space between the notes.  So we exist in the space between our thoughts.”
– Tami Morris, Piano Faculty, Xavier University