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July 13, 2016

Alexander Technique spiritualityEverything changes.

What matters is to have something changeless to refer everything back to.

The changeless is central and must be recognized and appreciated as such.

The center is in the middle of all things. It is everywhere.

There is no place that the center cannot be found.

All music, all of life, can be referred back to the center.

All magic, all goodness, all beatitude, all comfort… is found there, which is here.

Things happen. Things trigger reactions in us, and in others.

Things – and we – are thrown off balance.

Of course.

This is the nature of the changing world.

What matters is to notice it, and to choose how to respond to the imbalance.

Is it possible to simply notice, to become aware, to observe the ripples on the water after the rocks have been thrown in, without trying to iron out the lake?

This too shall pass.

People come and go. Things come and go. Feelings come and go. We are together and apart. Night follows day, and day follows night. Fear follows comfort and comfort follows fear.

We are asleep, and then awake.

This universe contains all things. All possibilities. Infinitude…

The awareness that lives in the center of our heart contains the entire universe – there is no separation.

The key is to realize that awareness is the key…and to choose again and again to come back to That. And to practice coming back, again and again and again… under all circumstances.

Because with practice come greater ease and strength.

I love remembering this, and taking it to heart.

Knowing this brings me a smile after the storm – with love.

And to love is to act on that which is true.


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