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February 28, 2024

It’s common to fall into the trap of believing we don’t have enough time, whether it’s for practice, concert preparation, or juggling family responsibilities with work. This mindset, known as a scarcity mindset, affects not just time but also finances and other aspects of life – even your relationships.

However, whether your belief in scarcity is actually true or not, your situation is unlikely to be immediately life-threatening, and it’s relative – often irrelevant – in the moment.

The key to move from a scarcity to an abundance mindset is to pay attention to the thoughts we feed ourselves and the impact they have on the whole self. Because the body reflects our thoughts, and our emotions follow without fail.

If you want to feel differently, you need to get curious about how you’re thinking and learn how to integrate the awareness of your thoughts with the rest of you, and then consider and choose how you want to think/feel next.

I invite you to participate in a brief experiment. Think about a situation in your life where you feel you don’t have enough time or resources, and notice how your body reacts to that thought. What do you notice? What happens if you think differently?

In The Art of Freedom® Method, we emphasize the importance of self-observation along with the practice of Primal Alexander “Constructive Thinking”, which is a unique and very specific way to use your mind to overcome unhelpful thoughts and move into a way of thinking and being that allows for more comfort, freedom, and ease in the whole self.

This is a crucial skill to have if you want to overcome performance anxiety, imposter syndrome, burnout, and other forms of fear-based experience.

Observing how your thoughts physically affect you – for better or for worse – is the first step. An important next step is to acknowledge and accept these sensations before choosing to think differently. Constructive Thinking enables us to use our minds in ways that support our overall well-being instead of causing constriction and negative emotional states, which can lead to physical discomfort or even pain down the road.

It’s essential to recognize that the belief of not having enough is relative. You can choose to view a situation differently, whenever you don’t like how your thoughts are making you feel. Be open to the idea that you might not have all the information, and what you don’t know may actually be positive!

I hope this perspective shift proves useful. If mindset issues affect your music journey – your practice, performance, or teaching – consider reaching out for private coaching. I have a few openings in my studio for those eager to start. It’s about improving your quality of life and, surprisingly, dramatically enhancing the quality of your music by addressing the mind-body connection, first and foremost.

If you’re interested, let’s connect! Leave a comment below, or connect with me using the “contact” page to see if my coaching programs align with your needs. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments, and I appreciate your engagement. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Take care, and lots of love!❤️


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