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February 6, 2021

Q: Can stretches and exercises resolve music-related pain issues?

A: I can tell you with an unequivocal “NO,” stretches and exercises will NOT help you get to the root causes of your pain. Read on…

In the best of cases, they will help you feel better temporarily and prevent full-blown injury; in the worst cases, doing those supposedly helpful movements will actually make you more prone to injury.

But, how could this be? Doesn’t everyone “know” that stretching and exercising before playing is essential?

The truth is, they are NOT essential, and not necessarily helpful.

AND… the big elephant ? in the room, something 99% of musicians and health professionals miss is…

? The root cause of pain is never just physical. ???

There is ALWAYS a mental and emotional component to what’s showing up as pain in your body. 

The biggest clues you need to resolve your pain issues will be found primarily in the mind ? – in how you’re thinking about and approaching your pain, your daily activities, and your music-making.

You need to take a deeper look at how your physical pain is related to:

? How you think and move when you lift, hold, or
play your instrument.

? Your performance anxiety and ineffectual
practice techniques.

? Your negative, anxious, and self-critical

? The way you walk, talk, or drive your car.

? How you relate to your conductor, colleagues,
students, and family.

In order to resolve your pain for good, you’ll need to get curious ?️‍♀️ about each of these things, and you’ll need a system to help you recognize how your reactions increase stress, tension, and therefore discomfort in your body.

Once you can see how everything is connected ? you can learn how to interrupt the pain cycle with how you use your mind, and you’ll start having REAL control over yourself and your experience.

❌ The problem with stretching and exercising – even if they make you feel a bit better temporarily – is that you’ll still be approaching your music-making with the same thoughts, mental attitude, and emotions that are causing your body to suffer in the first place.

Not only that, but your actual music-making will NEVER be as good as it could be if you’re just covering up a deeper problem under the surface. ?

Because the same stress and muscular tension that is causing your pain under the surface is what will prevent you from enjoying your most musically expressive, technically dazzling, and artistically sublime performance.

If you have underlying issues that show up as physical discomfort at any level, you can be SURE that your music is compromised, and you are not fulfilling your artistic potential. ? ?

So… if your gut is telling you I’m right ?… and you know there’s more to your pain than what can be resolved by a few stretches and exercises before you practice, message me to find out how The Art of Freedom® Method for conscious living and masterful artistry can help you get at the ROOT causes of your discomfort and finally set you free to become the best musician you can possibly be. ?‍♂️?.

With Love & Enthusiasm,

p.s. Curious about this month’s special offers for new clients? Make sure to comment below or send me an email to Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me!


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