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May 21, 2014

sunI love teaching.  In teaching others, I teach myself.  There is no difference.

Do you know who you are and how you are designed to be?

You are, of course, simply who you are.  And you are designed to be up and open.  This is the beautiful natural design of all humans.  Made to share, express, and communicate the beauty of who you are to the world.

Yet, we aren't always open, and we don't always aim up and out, and we forget that we are beautiful through and through.  Why?  We are also designed to reflect All-Possibility.  Part of our human design includes free will and the possibility to tend in a direction that is not life-enhancing.

Sometimes we react to stimuli by shutting down, closing down, putting up walls and barriers, aiming down and in.  We are free to do so.  There is no judgment.  This is a possibility.  This is still just us having the experience of being human, being free – even though it doesn't seem like it or feel like it.

When we are aiming up and open, the breath moves and all of our functions operate optimally, as designed.  Our breath feeds our lungs and oxygenate our cells, and we can think and move and feel better.  What a gift the breath is…

Awareness is everything.

Are you aware of the direction you're going in right now?  If not, can you open up to the possibility of gradually becoming aware over time?

When confronted by a stimulus, what do you do?  How do you react?

Are you continuing to open up and out, or do you close down and shrink in?

Don't try to change this – just observe.  Our human Habit tries to change things and fix them and correct them, because it judges.  The Habit tries to make you  into something different from who you are right now. The Habit denies Reality.

It is not wrong to go down and in.  In fact, it is necessary to do so at times, in order to complete your wholeness.  But once you notice it, you can choose.  Is that the direction you wish to continue travelling in?  Does it feel good?  Is this really what you want to experience right now?  Maybe it is, and that's just fine.

But do pay attention to it, listen to it, be aware…

If you pay attention, it WILL change –  it must change itself into something slightly different in the next moment, simply because you are giving it life by bringing it into consciousness.

You ARE awareness.  So when you increase awareness, you expand.  Your awareness sheds light on the darkness.  If you want to change, wake up.  Watch and wait.

And trust that “The right thing does itself.”

All you need to do is get out of the way… and witness Life living Itself through you.

When you learn how to do this (and all it takes is an instant to remember and be aware), you can do this while you make music.  Your music will then deepen along with you naturally, because your music reflects who you are.  If you want your music to have depth, beauty, and a great open sound projecting up and out, remember that you are already that in yourself.

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*Image courtesy of samarttiw / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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