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January 29, 2018

I’m sure you do… because you’re human!

I do it, too.

So what’s the #1 Mistake? F.M. Alexander called it “End-Gaining”.

End-gaining is when you care more about the result of your action than the process, the “means-whereby” you achieve your goals.

It’s when you focus more on what you’re DOING more than on your WELL-BEING.

The Alexander Technique is THE BEST way I know to bring my awareness back to my whole-person BEING so that I can do my activities in the most efficient and effective way possible, without causing myself physical or emotional discomfort.

In this live video, I talk about end-gaining and the pitfalls of making music in this way. In short, you’re not going to play as well if you’re end-gaining, and you’re going to waste a LOT of valuable time when you’re paying more attention to WHAT you’re doing than HOW you’re doing it.

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