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April 17, 2014

Is your personal GPS working?  What is it that really gives you good direction in your life?  How do you know if you're on the right track or not?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could just flip an internal switch and aim your life in the best possible direction?

Learn how to use your internal GPS to give clear direction to your life
Learn how to use your internal GPS to give clear direction to your life

Good news – it's possible!  You really do have an internal GPS, an inborn system that gives you excellent direction for all aspects of your life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  F.M. Alexander called it your “Primary Control”, although most of the time we use his term to mean something very specific:  the dynamic relationship between your head, neck, torso, and the rest of your body.  I sometimes like to call it the “Organizing Factor”.

What is it inside of you that makes you think?  move?  feel?  choose?  act?  stop?  live?
What is that mysterious Something that causes your life to continue the way it does, day after day after day?
What makes your muscles and limbs organize themselves so that you can play your instrument, sing your heart out, conduct an orchestra, or walk down the street while talking to your friend?
What makes your heart beat without stopping for your entire life?
What makes your lungs breathe in the air that nourishes you?
What makes your digestive system work so that you can derive energy from your food?
What causes cells to die and new cells to be born constantly in your body?
What makes you smile?  What makes you cry?
What made you decide to be a musician?

There are, of course, infinite answers to those questions.  What if we were to distill all of those answers into ONE answer?  To me, the ONE answer would be….The Infinite which is ever-present.  The Infinite is that All-Powerful Something that causes everything to happen in amazing ways, functioning with incredible order and constancy, constantly changing and rearranging things, making them disappear and reappear…

There is nothing more wondrous in this world than the infinitude of All-Possibility.  It is truly Life's Wonder, and it has infinite names.  Some people call it God.  Or Void…or Self…or…the Unknown…or

What do you call it?  What/who organizes everything in your life for you?
Is it something external? internal?  both?  neither?  does it even exist?  is it beyond existence?
Where is it?

Whatever it is, Something DOES cause you to live and organizes everything in you so that you can read this page right now.  Isn't that amazing??!!  What is even more amazing is that you can choose to learn about it and work with it, so that your sense of direction can become conscious.  You can choose how to direct yourself. You can choose where to be and where to go, and how.  You can become aware of your internal GPS and learn how to use it to your best advantage, and for the good of everyone around you, too.  Have you thought about how to do this?  Do you know how to set your internal GPS?

Becoming aware of the Infinite, including an accurate sense of spatial directions (where is up? down? here? there? left? right?), is your perfectly reliable GPS.

Learn to use it.  All the time.  It will never fail you.  You can't go wrong if you open up to awareness of the Infinite, open to All-Possibility.  This is the only place where there is no doubt and absolute clarity.

How to use your internal GPS is what I teach people (including myself) to do every day.  I don't know of anything more worthwhile to do with my time than to aim my life more and more into the awareness of infinite All-Possibility, and to help others see that that they can steer their lives in that direction, too.  I love it!  🙂

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