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February 20, 2021

As a professional musician, this prolonged time with fewer (or no) live performances and in-person teaching can really wear you down.

With less work and more time to worry, if you’re feeling a weird combination of lethargy and “gotta-do-something” anxiety, you’re not alone in experiencing “pandemic fatigue”.

It’s hard to feel motivated to be consistent with your practicing and keep taking good care of your physical and mental health when every day feels like groundhog day and there isn’t much to look forward to.

However… Even though this is a particularly difficult time for musicians, this is paradoxically also THE BEST time to take stock, dig deep, and get REAL about your life and your career.

As a coach for musicians, I’m seeing some people who are really thriving during this time, finding new ways to be creative and get inspired; whereas others are struggling and suffering from higher levels of anxiety, lack of motivation, or even depression.

Here’s what the people who are thriving are doing.

Pause. Give yourself some time every day to just rest and do nothing, so you can clear the chaos in your mind, undo some of the knots in your body, and let go of the worry – just for a few minutes.

Reflect. Now, deeply consider what you’re doing with your life. Where you’ve come from, where you headed. What’s your purpose? Why are you a musician, anyway? What’s your true passion and what are your dreams? What do you want?

Choose. You only have two choices: keep doing what you’re doing and experience more of the same lackluster status quo of survival…. Or…. take a risk and try something new, so you can experience more creative inspiration, freedom and joy in your life and music-making. Why not decide to thrive in every way?

2021… This could be the year where you get to fully revitalize and transform your musical life in ways you never had time to do before. You can learn how to experience more overall ease in your body, sharper mental focus, and develop more confidence in your musical abilities than ever before.

The Musician’s Jumpstart Program is a powerful 30-day journey that will open the doors to the transformation and unfolding of your potential as an artist in mind, body, and creative Spirit.

It will introduce you to a whole new world of self-mastery and effortless artistry.

You’ll learn how to apply my 5 Life Pillars (Purpose, Mind, Body, Spirit, and Artistry) of The Art of Freedom® Method to yourself and your music-making. You’ll learn very specific, step-by-step skills to improve your well-being, so you can learn how to:

  • Stimulate your body’s natural healing, recover faster from injury, and prevent future pain
  • Release excess tension in your body and let go when you play
  • Discover how mind-body ease brings more expressive flow to your music
  • Develop more self-confidence and overcome performance anxiety
  • Improve your sound and your technique in less time with cutting-edge practice skills.

The Musician’s Jumpstart Program includes:

✏️ Self-study: A self-study course with practical Home Action Plans for your daily practice (just a few minutes of daily attention guarantees your progress!), based on The Art of Freedom® Method for conscious living and masterful artistry and the principles of the Alexander Technique.

Classes & Community: A truly wonderful and supportive community of musicians from around the world, with live group classes and an engaging private facebook group for extra learning 7 days a week.

Private Instruction: Plenty of opportunities for individual instruction, with a private coaching session and masterclass-style learning during group classes. Video library and extra tutorials included.

In all honesty – knowing how much my students get out of this program – I don’t think there’s much better that you could do with your time as a musician these days. This program will allow you to improve your life and your musical skills for years and years to come, long after the pandemic is over. Believe, me, this will be well worth your time and investment (which is 100% guaranteed, or your money back, by the way!).

So, if you’re ready to get super-motivated and make the most of your time instead of wringing your hands, waiting around to get back to “business as usual”…message me.

I have some special bonuses to offer new students who sign up in February, so don’t procrastinate! 😉 Email me now at Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me now so we can have a chat and you can discover some truly wonderful new ways to thrive as a musician – even during the pandemic.

With Love & Enthusiasm,

p.s. Does anything I’ve written here resonate with you? Send me an email at Jennifer@Artof Freedom.me with your thoughts! I look forward to hearing from you!


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