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October 12, 2020

Do exercises and stretches for musicians really work? I addressed this question in today’s live video:

Exercises and stretches aren’t the solution to pain-free playing.

Is this you? You’ve been experiencing pain or discomfort when you practice, and you’ve been told that doing stretches or exercises will solve your problem.

Maybe you’ve been given a routine and you’re sticking to it religiously, but you still don’t feel better. Or maybe you’re not doing the exercises regularly like you’re supposed to…and now, in addition to feeling pain, you’re also feeling guilt. 

If you’ve been experiencing pain or discomfort while playing your instrument and it’s not going away, it’s NOT because you haven’t found the right exercises or you aren’t doing them right – and it’s NOT because you’re not doing them, if you aren’t.

It’s likely because you aren’t seeing the bigger picture and you don’t have a simple system that allows you to connect the dots, so you can see how your mind and body are naturally designed to work TOGETHER for effortless movement and healing.

Most specialists who work directly with the body (medical and alternative health practitioners, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, exercise coaches, etc.) don’t look at the WHOLE person and how you move when you play. Therefore, they can’t get to the real underlying causes of physical discomfort.

Experts who focus on the body without taking into account a person’s underlying thoughts and feelings, everyday movement habits, the unique demands of playing a specific instrument, and the emotional stress of teaching or performing, aren’t appreciating how much each of those things contributes to physical discomfort, pain, and the rate of recovery.

Once you have a simple system in place to help you shift your perspective and give you a more natural, easier way to approach your activities, you won’t have to do any exercises or stretches at all if you don’t want to.You’ll notice changes and start feeling better soon, and everything will get easier with your instrument. 

  • You’ll have more control over your body and learn how to relax while you play.
  • You’ll experience more ease, grace, and flow in your daily activities and your music-making.
  • If you choose to supplement with exercise, you’ll understand how to do it in a healthy way that enhances your progress instead of making things worse or making you feel bad.

It’s all quick and easy when you have a guide to take you step-by-step through the process, which is what I do for my private coaching clients when I teach them The Art of Freedom® Method for Conscious Living and Masterful Artistry.

Alexander Technique practice

 If you’re feeling pain or discomfort when you play, the solution isn’t a better exercise routine.Instead of focusing more on your body, now it’s time to include your whole self with a simple, holistic approach that integrates your mind and body with your musical technique. 


Once you have that, you’ll discover that you can make faster progress with LESS effort, and you can feel better and play better…every day!

If you have physical issues that get in the way of your music, tell us in the comments – which number describes you best?

  1. I normally do the exercises I’m supposed to do, but my progress is slow
  2. I have exercises but I don’t do them as much as I should
  3. I’ve tried all kinds of stuff before, but nothing has really gotten to the root of my problems

With love,

p.s. Are you ready to improve faster and experience more ease in your musical life? Contact me – I’d love to help you!


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