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June 29, 2014

“The hills are alive…with the sound of music…” begins the famous song from the musical, The Sound of Music.  And it is true:  the hills are very much alive — with the music of Nature.

The Swiss Alps are alive...
The Swiss Alps are alive…

On my daily mountain walks in the Swiss Alps this week, I am entranced by the multitude of sounds that bring me back to my childhood summers here.  Crickets chirping, linden leaves rustling in the wind, breezes whispering in my ears, goats bleating, birds singing, brooks gurgling…and so many more sounds that delight my senses, which have been mostly starved of Nature during the rest of the year back home in Cincinnati.

The rich music of Nature wakes up my soul into remembering so many mysterious forgotten corners within myself.

But what moves me the most is the sudden realization that the sound I love more than any other is not one that I can hear so much as one that I can see — with the inner eye of the heart alone. 

Somehow, I can see this mysterious sound “loud and clear” when I look into the distance at the huge green mountains that sit opposite me across the valley.  What I hear when I look is a deep, deep, echoing stillness that sounds of pure Silence.  No, it is not something I hear… it is strangely something I see, and it is made of pure, perfect Beauty.

Have you seen this Silence?  Do you know what I’m talking about?

Look around you for a moment, because I know you can see it from where you are too – it isn’t found only in the majesty of the Alps. Just take a moment, and really LOOK at the space and the objects around you.  Can you see the Silence?

It’s hidden in the middle of everything, waiting for you everywhere…

This is what I love the most as I stay here for a week in the mountains. This grand, awe-inspiring Silence is my favorite song, my favorite music, and it echoes without beginning, without end…

When I approach a musical instrument to make music tomorrow, this perfect sound of the silent mountains is the music I hope to play.

And I will play it for you.  Will you listen, and will you see?

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  1. Of course – it’s silence that shapes and caresses sound, which also shapes it in turn.
    The sorts of things you notice on your path of life is such a treasure to hang out with. You’re so articulate that maybe it almost as good as your personal company.

  2. Franis, I only know you a little bit through facebook and your own blog, but I think I know you well enough to be quite humbled by your comment; if anyone is an articulate treasure, it is YOU! And I do hope to meet you in person someday…if that happens, I am sure we will see plenty of beautiful silence together. 🙂

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