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June 10, 2020

Are you feeling burned out these days? If so, you’re not alone. 

The last few months since COVID-19 took over the world have turned things upside-down for everyone.

Many of us are feeling progressively more tired and overwhelmed from dealing with the big personal and social changes required of us at this time. Not to mention the extreme political and racial tensions we’re experiencing around us here in the USA, on top of everything.

Watch the video of this week’s live video on the topic here:

(Watch on Facebook to interact here: https://www.facebook.com/jroigfrancoli/videos/3231143606906147/)

Personally, I’ve been working really hard over the last few months, and I started noticing the exhaustion set in a couple weeks ago.

Thankfully, I’m now (after years of practice) able to catch myself BEFORE I deep-dive into the burnout pit…and yet, I’ve had to take special action steps to take care of myself to prevent hitting bottom these weeks.

The video begins by presenting some of the signs of burnout, and looks in-depth at the 5 steps I’ve been taking – and continue to take – to help myself. May they be useful for you, as well!

  1. Check basic self-care. Are you eating well, sleeping enough, resting during the day, drinking enough water, going outside to get fresh air and light, etc.?

  2. Examine WHY you’re feeling burned out. What led up to it? What can you learn? What changes can you make in the future?

  3. Get in touch with your deeper Purpose again. What do you want? What goals are meaningful to you? If you don’t know, that’s fine. Just start wondering, because we all need to focus our energies, directing ourselves towards our desires.

  4. Baby steps are enough. Start with tiny things, easy things, simple things. What CAN you do right now to shift your attention towards something different… something easier?

  5. Prevention. Perhaps the most important step of all is to pause right NOW and pay attention to the “use” of your mind-body-self. It’s not so much WHAT you do with yourself, as HOW you do whatever you do.

    This is what I teach my students, in extremely simple and very powerful ways every day. THIS is IT.

    If all you do is this step – learning how to pay attention to your “use” (how you use/move your mind-body-self in activity) – and making the decision to improve your “use” right NOW – that’s enough.

    Because this will allow you to do all of the other steps more effectively, more intelligently, and with more EASE. Don’t skip this step!

You can learn how to pay attention and improve your “use”, privately or in a group, by scheduling a private consultation with me.

Alexander Technique musicians

Together we will discuss and determine the best way for you to learn and I will give you options to choose from, should you wish to invest in a quicker and easier way out of burnout, with expert guidance!

Schedule your Discovery Session here, with no obligation of any kind: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=17076873&appointmentType=9421024

Don’t get burned out.

And if you already are… don’t worry – you can get inspired again very SOON, by using these ideas and just a little bit of help! 🙂

With Love,




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