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September 21, 2014
Workshop on Performance Anxiety, CCM 3/22/14
Workshop on Performance Anxiety, CCM 3/22/14

When it was first suggested to me that I start a certification program in The Art of Freedom for Musicians, my first reaction was to think it was a crazy idea!

Yes, I absolutely love my work.  Yes, I truly love my students.  Yes, we enjoy our work together thoroughly.  Yes, it’s unique and innovative – something nobody else is doing.  Yes, it’s 100% my own thing*.  And yes, I’m aware that my work often facilitates dramatic improvements (some even say “miraculous” changes) in my students’ lives.  Yes, I have a lot of students who want to know how to pass along what they’ve learned from me to their own music students.

But… (my habit speaking here…)  who am I to go out on this limb and offer a certification in my own creative work?  My ego-habit thinks this idea could be quite pretentious!

So I put it off.  I procrastinated.  I stopped thinking about it.  I went on vacation and made excuses for why I couldn’t do it. And life’s endless dramas played their part in interfering with the idea coming to fruition.

Or so I thought…

Until suddenly events outside of my power convinced me beyond a doubt that a certification for The Art of Freedom NEEDS to exist; not only that, but it needs to exist NOW.  Rational?  Yes, actually. Intuitive? Yes again. Suddenly, there were no more obstacles. I surrendered.

Did I have time to create it?  I didn’t think so, but guess what… I DID.  And it exists.  It’s HERE, NOW!



And to look back in awe  at how “the right thing does itself” when one’s attitude is open to All-Possibility and the timing is right.

Things that are meant to happen will happen.  I’ve been practicing The Art of Freedom with myself for years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how things are manifested – goals are achieved and intentions bear fruit – when we decide to surrender to the greater wisdom within us that directs us in exactly the best way for us in every given moment.  I finally surrendered to the idea of a certification course, and BAM! – it was created within less than TWO WEEKS.  Unbelievable…

And now it’s time to let you all know about how the classes and certification program work, so you can be a part of it!  

Here are some of the details: 

  • This work is designed for professional musicians, educators, students, and amateurs.  Non-musician performers (speakers, actors, dancers, etc.) are also invited to apply.
  • Classes are held at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center.  Detailed class descriptions for Modules 1 and 2 are here.
  • There are 2 Levels of Certification in The Art of Freedom for Musicians.  Each Level requires that you complete four 6-week modules; each week consists of one 1.5 hour class on Saturdays, for a total of 24 classes between Sept. and May for each level.  Plus other requirements, including a 1-Day Intensive with me for Level 1.
  • 6-week modules may be taken in any order, except Module 8 for Level 2 certification, which has a pre-requisite of Module 1 or a 1-day Intensive.
  • For complete details, visit this page.

My gift to you:

I’ve decided to give you a sneak peek into the CONTENT of my classes, with a FREE email seminar in The Art of Freedom for Musicians.  If you sign up (use the blue heart-cloud box below), you will receive daily emails for several days with PRACTICAL TIPS from our classes, which you can use right away to help you achieve a greater sense of freedom in your body-mind-self and your music-making; plus, you will gain tips you can use to help your own students if you’re an educator.

Please contact me if you’d like to apply to be accepted into my AOFM Level 1 Certification Program or would like to register for classes: jennifer@staging2.artoffreedom.me, or 513-923-0921.  Our first class was postponed, so….

MODULE 1: “Pain, Tension, and Anxiety Relief”


Module 2: “Natural Posture and Breathing”

Classes begin NOV. 8th; Registration is NOW OPEN

If you’re seriously interested in taking these classes, RSVP to me to attend the first one as my personal guest. If you decide not to continue, the class will be for no charge.  Please tell your friends and colleagues in Cincinnati and share this page with them!

* My work with The Art of Freedom combines my expertise as a certified teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique, my lifelong performance background as a violinist, and decades of personal explorations with meditation and philosophy. 



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  1. Hi Jennifer, well done and congratulations for setting up this training opportunity….an inspiration indeed.
    Out of interest will you be teaching any hands-on work to your students?
    Good luck

    1. Mary Rawson from days past in Pittsburgh, I wonder?? Thank you for your comment! Yes, I will be doing a LOT of hands-on work with my students. As the class grows, I will also have AOF assistants (all certified Alexander Technique teachers) joining me to give more hands-on opportunities to everyone in the class. In Module 8 (the last module in Level 2), I will begin teaching students specific techniques for using their own hands to help their friends, family, and students, too. But all the work that we do will be applicable to music educators from the very beginning of Module 1.

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