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January 28, 2015
The figures from Johannes Vermeer’s “The Music Lesson.”

It’s very interesting to note the conflict between these two opposing desires:

a) wanting to be told what to do (to receive help and direction from without – in the form of advice, suggestions, teachings, commands, time-structuring, etc.) and…

b) wanting to feel completely free to make our own choices without being told what to do.

As we grow and mature in our ability to discern and choose appropriate courses of action, aware of a range of possible consequences, we learn how to better direct our own selves independently, from the inside-out.  Over time, we learn to accept full responsibility for being our own best helper/teacher, in all areas of life.

The Alexander Technique teaches us how to direct ourselves in the most efficient, wholesome, and effective ways possible, towards whatever goals we might wish to achieve, by practicing constructive, conscious control of our selves.

Of course, direction from without will always continue to present itself (as sure as gravity will) – whether we like it or not! Whether we consider this to be helpful or not depends how we choose to respond to it.

If we choose to respond to external direction with an awareness of our inner freedom to choose whether or not to follow that direction, any and all direction from without has the potential to serve as a positive force in our life.  Every stimulus can serve as a reminder of our free will and our capacity to rise above all obstacles.


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