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February 15, 2021

Are you settling for less than your heart’s desire? ❤️

When you were young, did you love performing and dream of dazzling audiences ⭐️✨⚡️ with your beautiful and virtuosic performances? ?

Have things turned out a bit differently from how you imagined?

Maybe performance anxiety or injury threw you for a loop, and suddenly you couldn’t play as well as before, no matter how hard you tried. ?

So you started making compromises: playing easier repertoire or finding work-arounds to avoid pain, saying ‘no’ to gigs, fading into the background…

You had high hopes, but when things didn’t get better, your dreams started to fade. ‍?

Of course, you’ve made the best of it.

Even though you’re not quite the performer you set out to become when you were younger… that’s OK.

These days you’re teaching, and you’ve transferred those high hopes onto your students. ??? You bring so much creative energy and enthusiasm into your teaching, and seeing your students thrive makes up for everything! ?


The truth is, your dreams of becoming a better performer – free of pain and anxiety – are still alive inside you, buried just beneath the surface.

But, it’s hard to imagine exploring those possibilities now because…

– Maybe you haven’t completely recovered from an injury

– You know you have technical limitations and you don’t have enough time to practice

– The idea of performing at a higher level makes you anxious…

Besides, now there’s a pandemic! ?

….and so you haven’t taken actions to make your dreams become a reality.

? But every once in a while, on a rainy day, you wonder…

…what if….? ?

What if you could enjoy teaching AND…

? revive your love of performing?

? heal your pain and feel comfortable in your body again, with flexibility and ease of mobility, and stellar technique?

? overcome anxiety and stop listening to the “Doubt Monsters” who whisper in your ear that “it’s too late” or “you’ll never be good enough”?

I’ve had so many musicians come to me, suffering from physical pain and  disappointment… 

…many of them ready to give up on their performance careers…ready to settle for a life of helping others achieve their dreams, without fulfilling their own.

When they approach me with their stories, I’m full of compassion. You see, I gave up on my own solo ambitions at age 19.

✔️ Yes, I’ve had a thriving teaching/coaching practice and for many years I’ve helped hundreds of musicians overcome their blockages to musical success.

But I wasn’t honoring my own spark, and it took me until age 50 (!) to come full circle… finally fulfilling my childhood dreams of ? winning an international competition to perform at Carnegie Hall, and ?producing my own professional solo violin recording.

During our six months of working together, you’ll learn powerful, simple techniques to:

?  Heal your body from injury faster and steadily overcome pain

?  Quiet your mind so you can focus on super-effective, shorter practice sessions

?  Relax in your body, so you can improve your technique with less effort

?  Be less reactive and more adaptive to change

?Replace negative, self-critical thinking with a positive mindset for success

So, if you’ve been enjoying your teaching career but you’re denying your heart’s desire as a performer, then this program is for you.

Email me at Jennifer@Artof Freedom.me if you’re drawn to this message. I’m inviting new clients to join The Musician’s Advantage™ coaching in February with a special offer that will help reawaken your creativity on a whole new level – you won’t want to miss this.

With Love & Enthusiasm,

p.s. Curious about this month’s special offer for new coaching clients? Make sure to comment below or send me an email to Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me!



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