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November 20, 2020

Are you one of the “lucky” ones who still has enough work as a musician?

If you are – if you still have work or if you’re managing to create your own new income streams online – then, you’re probably feeling super-grateful for the work. ?

But maybe there’s also an underlying dissatisfaction… and you may even feel a bit guilty about that. ?

What I’ve been noticing over the last months with my clients is that the pandemic has a way of magnifying problems that were already there before.

In particular, I’ve been seeing these problems pop up, and maybe you can identify with some of them:

?If you’re an introvert who felt a bit like an outsider before… are you feeling even lonelier, more anxious, and more disconnected from other musicians and audiences now?

?If you felt stuck, unfulfilled, or under-appreciated by administrators, colleagues, or students before…how about now?

?If you didn’t feel excited and enthusiastic about future creative projects before the pandemic… then what are you looking forward to now?

?If you had a hard time connecting with audiences and feeling fully expressive while performing before… are you experiencing more freedom now, or are you stagnating and blaming covid-19?

Even if you’re feeling wildly grateful for what you have… are you still secretly longing for more?

Do you feel like there’s more that you’re meant to do with your life – that there must be an easier, more enjoyable, and better way to make a positive impact on the world through your artistry than the day-to-day work you’ve been doing up until now?

? If you’re feeling any of these things, then it should be clear by now that the pandemic isn’t the culprit.

The problem is simply that you’ve become disconnected from your purpose and your creative spirit, and you haven’t learned how to consciously integrate these with your mind, body, and artistry.

The problem starts within, and it has NOTHING to do with your surroundings.

Many of the musicians who come to me for coaching believe that their lack of fulfillment is due to their current job situation.

Sure, that can be a contributing factor if you’re feeling less than happy. But my clients discover pretty quickly that the root of their discomfort and dissatisfaction goes deeper than their job (or lack of a job), and it has everything to do with integration and making better choices from a fresh sense of wholeness.

By learning the keys to a healthier, balanced life and deeply fulfilling career using my Art of Freedom® Method for conscious living & masterful artistry, my clients start to have surprising new experiences within the very first session.

? Curiosity and creativity awakens. Chronic pain starts to disappear. ? Trauma softens and muscular tension releases. ? Over the next weeks or months, artistic expression frees up ? ,technique sky-rockets? and performance anxiety dissolves. ?
My clients develop powerful ways to…

⚡️ Increase confidence and overcome negative thinking

⚡️ Heal, release tension while playing, and feel more comfortable in their bodies

⚡️ Enjoy consistently effective practice sessions and flow in performance

⚡️Get control over time using simple organizational systems

⚡️ Make a bigger impact on students and audiences worldwide using the internet with ease.

They get clear about their goals and develop a vision for their life; and together we design powerful action plans to venture into new, uncharted territories so they can realize their full potential as joyful human beings and inspired artists.

When you’re ready to open up to a new way of life that is more aligned with your deep passions and purpose, you start to feel better in your mind and body, your unique sound blossoms effortlessly, and you learn how to take charge of your life and create your future instead of being a victim to your situation.

So, if you’re tired of feeling stuck and uncomfortable with what you’ve got – physically, emotionally, or professionally – longing for a better, easier way to enjoy your life as a successful musician, then you’ll want to know more about The Art of Freedom® Method for conscious living and masterful artistry and explore options for private coaching with me.

I’m currently accepting applications for two spots in The Musician’s Advantage™ private coaching program. Private message or email me now if you’d like to know more details and how to apply.

With Love & Enthusiasm,

p.s. What is it like for you during covid-19! Please share in the comments or email me at Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me … I look forward to hearing from you!

Want to know more about working with me? Click here for a Live Chat with me. If I'm at my desk, I'd love to connect and answer your questions! You can also email me at Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me and I'll get back to you ASAP.


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