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May 9, 2024
You devote every spare moment to diligent practice, honing your skills with laser focus. Yet under the spotlight, your performances still fall painfully short of your aspirations.

The rich, expressive sound you long for remains frustratingly out of reach. Nerves and tension cause your bow to tremble, your intonation to falter. Worries about colleagues’ judgments gnaw at you, shaking your confidence to the core.

You’ve tirelessly sought solutions – world-class teachers, self-help books, therapy, bodywork. They provide glimmers of hope, but the root issues persist, an invisible barrier between you and your musical potential.

Scattered thoughts turn focused practice into a herculean feat of mental gymnastics. Comparisons to others send your self-esteem plummeting in an endless downward spiral.

Deep in your bones, you know the violin is your true calling, the key to expressing your most authentic, creative self. You yearn to surrender completely to the music, to let it flow through you with natural, effortless grace. Yet fear and tension always seem to block your path to unshakable confidence and boundless joy in your art.

What if the real problem isn’t your technique, but simply learning to step out of your own way?

To trust your hard-earned skills without reservation, and fearlessly dissolve into the river of glorious sound that springs from the very depths of your soul?

As a professional violinist and mind-body expert who specializes in inspiring sensitive, passionate musicians like you to play your spirited best – even under the most challenging of circumstances – I understand your struggles on the most profound level.

In my programs, you’ll be inspired with great teaching from multiple angles:

* Customized, transformative private coaching so you get exactly what you need when you need it

* Enjoyable self-study courses based on proven methods, with a daily practice of simple Awareness Etudes that guarantee your improvement from Day 1
* A thriving international community of musicians for discussion, networking and support 24/7, plus optional group classes
Through our transformative work together, you’ll gain the razor-sharp mental focus, unshakable confidence and liberating letting-go skills to make music with pure freedom. Conquer anxiety, banish pain, and rediscover the breathtaking joy of authentic musical expression!

If you’re ready to courageously pour out your musical heart and reveal your true artistic self to the world without all the stress, physical tension, pain and mental anguish, send me a message today. I would be honored to guide you on the path to making soul-stirring music with life-changing ease.


Jennifer ❤

p.s. I have a few openings in my online studio for this spring/summer, so now would be a great time to reach out! Just send me a message or email me at jennifer@artoffreedom.me to inquire about options for working together.


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