Enjoy a healthy, balanced life and abundant musical success.

Become the powerful artist you are meant to be!

Amateur Musicians and Aspiring Professionals

Whether you identify as an amateur or aspiring professional musician, you're passionate about making music and want to feel confident and successful so that you can make rapid progress towards your goals!

Are you struggling with:

  • Pain, excessive tension, or slow recovery from an injury?
  • Performance anxiety, self-doubt, and lack of confidence?
  • Lack of motivation, procrastination, or perfectionism?
  • Fear about your musical future or your ability to fulfill your purpose in life?

If so, I understand exactly what you’re going through.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Pain, discomfort, and injury interfere directly with our ability to play and make progress with our instrument. We may even be forced to stop playing and take time away from music to recover. This causes stress about the future, and when the body is tight, it lacks flexibility and mobility. It's harder to relax, technique becomes less reliable, progress is slower, and we're at higher risk for injury!

Stress and overwhelm make it harder to relax while practicing and performing, and it becomes difficult to connect authentically with our fellow musicians or audiences. This leads to becoming our own worst enemy, feeling critical of every small mistake we make, and feeling fearful of the reactions and judgments of others when they perceive our performance as sub-par.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Roig-Francolí! I’m a prize-winning musician, certified Alexander Technique teacher, and holistic coach with the ability to pinpoint the root causes of musicians’ physical and emotional discomfort. I teach my students a simple step-by-step process to heal and reach their next level of personal and professional success. I call this five-pillared process The Art of Freedom® for Conscious Living and Masterful Artistry.

I call this five-pillared approach The Art of Freedom® Method for Conscious Living and Masterful Artistry.

With The Art of Freedom, amateur musicians and aspiring professionals can…

Overcome physical pain and discomfort.

Learn how to overcome and prevent injury, undo excess muscular tension, improve your posture, let go of the death grip on your instrument, and change habits that make everything you do more difficult. Release the stress you’ve been putting on your system for years and learn how to move with more flexibility and better balance.

Make great music with ease! 

Make the most of your practice time and enjoy making more progress with less effort. Learn how to instantly focus your mind and relax your body so that you can get at the root of what’s holding you back. Improve your technique, embrace your unique sound, express the music’s emotions, and communicate your passion to your audience with ease. 

Conquer performance anxiety and self-doubt.

Develop simple daily practices that teach you precisely what to do when performance nerves and stress hormones hit you. Learn how to transmute nervous energy into excitement and take charge of your wandering mind. Stop self-sabotage, negative thinking, and habits that take you away from your love of music and into the chaotic world of uncontrollable feelings and unpleasant body sensations. Turn self-doubt into confidence and deliver performances with delight instead of dread!

Clarify your goals and claim your success mindset.

Learn how to become your own best teacher and maximize your potential for success. Learn specific skillsets for self-observation and learn how to experiment wisely, so that you can find the best way for your mind and body to approach your instrument. Stop hesitating, stop worrying about what other people think, step into your innate freedom, and find your style. Develop a mindset for success, go for what you want, and make your dreams happen!

Awaken your creative Muse and master your Art, no matter your skill level.

Discover the origins and workings of inspiration, motivation, and creativity. Cultivate an attitude that allows you to step into “the zone” when you play, and that welcomes new insights and spontaneous flow, regardless of your skill level.

Heal your whole Self and the world through music.

Create time and space for your Inner Musician to heal your body, mind, and soul with The Art of Freedom. Let go of past wounds and create a hopeful future while basking in a gratitude-filled reality. Learn to share your creative passion honestly from your heart, and healing starts to happen. This is a powerful practice... anything is possible!

There is no other musical method or self-development system out there that teaches you exactly how to make great music with effortless ease also healing every aspect of your whole self: mind, body, soul, and Spirit!

Learning how to become a better musician with The Art of Freedom goes far beyond what you’ll ever learn in an ordinary music lesson, and it will bring greater ease and depth of meaning to everything you do in life.

I know this because I developed The Art of Freedom from my own experience.

When I was 19, I made two sudden decisions: to get married at age 20 and to abandon my lifelong dream of becoming a famous international violinist, despite the big successes I was already having.

Over the next decade, I poured all of my energy into my relationships, family, and spiritual life, under the illusion that these could replace the creative dreams I'd nurtured since the age of two, which is when my parents say I told them I "needed" a violin.

I began to study spiritual traditions and practice meditation and yoga while also exploring various natural healing and self-help systems. I had an insatiable desire to know and experience how we humans can rise above our lower instincts and reactionary nature and arrive at a state of deep peace, balance, and tranquility.

However, despite all of my study and soul-searching over the years, I became progressively less satisfied and more unhappy. After I had my two boys, I started developing neck and back pain, and also suffered severe fatigue from chronic allergies.

When I finally discovered the Alexander Technique (which cured my neck pain within just a few sessions!), I recognized that the same thing that had been causing my physical discomfort was also creating my emotional distress. It was the very same thing that had caused my frustration when I was struggling to master advanced violin techniques!

I felt like I'd suddenly unearthed a holy grail of practical wisdom, which gave me a clear and simple system for integrating all aspects of my being. The system I discovered was based on self-discipline, self-acceptance, constructive thinking, body-awareness, self-observation, and rational experiments.

Once I started applying the universal principles of the Alexander Technique and new ways of thinking to my violin playing, I couldn't help but wonder what might have happened to my childhood dreams if I'd had these mind-body skills earlier in life.

The answer was crystal clear.

If I’d had the Alexander Technique back then, I would have known exactly what was getting in my way, and exactly how to undo the excess tension that was blocking my technique and spontaneous musical expression. I would have been able to achieve all of my goals much more quickly and easily, and I never would have abandoned my creative soul the way I did.

The combination of everything I've studied over my lifetime is now an integral part of how and what I teach. I bring all of it together into The Art of Freedom Method for Conscious Living and Masterful Artistry. Mine is an approach to living life and making music according to your natural design, with effortless ease.

I want you to discover a shorter, less painful path to masterful artistry and creative life balance, so you can enjoy being and sharing the beautiful person you’re meant to embody in this world!

I’ve now been teaching The Art of Freedom for more than a decade.

I consider it to be a miracle that so many things fell into place to lead me back to my violin and learning The Art of Freedom with Jennifer. Her teaching has given me hope, and practical tools and skills that I use throughout my days, not just when I practice. The Art of Freedom has relieved emotional and physical pain and tension. It has improved posture problems related to scoliosis that I had thought (and been told by medical professionals) were permanent. It has helped me embody my spiritual being. I’m very grateful!

Kay Fowler Saunier

Amateur Violinist, Pianist, and Retired Nurse

When I first came to Jennifer, I had been suffering from overuse injuries for around six months. I was unable to play trombone without pain, even on my most relaxed days, and I was fearful that I would be unable to finish my performance degree. After my first meeting with Jennifer, I was the most hopeful that I had been in months. Lesson after lesson, my pain decreased, and I slowly began to really enjoy playing my instrument again. Just this past month, I gave my senior recital entirely pain-free, and I am on track to graduate this May! Throughout this process, I learned so much about myself and about music, and I am excited to continue learning more!

Alyssa Novak

Amateur Trombonist and Neuroscience Student

My work with Jennifer has been so healing for me it has literally changed my life! Noticing the ease in my body drastically reduced the amount of pain I was dealing with on a daily basis from chronic health issues. My body feels better than it has in 25 years when I was first diagnosed! Never did I think I could feel this good again. It has been healing for mind, body and spirit in so many wonderful, unexpected ways. My musical practice is now easier, and I’m growing as a musician. It has brought so much more joy to my playing and to my Self, as we explore, experiment and share our experiences together!

Angele Aisling

Amateur Harpist and Former Police Emergency Dispatcher

It is of huge benefit to me to have Jennifer as a coach. It makes a big difference when I hold myself accountable to offer something new and meaningful to discuss together, to reflect on, and then to apply to myself and my music-making. I am getting much clearer and more confident about everything.

Anne Bruggemann-Klein

Amateur Violinist and Computer Science Educator

To be honest, I was skeptical that Jennifer’s Art of Freedom approach would work for me, but I was curious enough to investigate. I quickly discovered remarkable effects, and my real “breakthrough” happened when I attended a chamber music camp last June. The first wonderful discovery was finding that I could play for 6-8 hours/day with hardly any pain from chronic neck and wrist conditions that, in previous times, would surely have flared up from so much playing. Second, I was surprised and delighted to receive compliments about those specific aspects of playing (intonation, tone) that I had hoped would improve by studying with Jennifer. And, finally, the most fun surprise came when several people commented on how I looked so much “at ease” and even “professional” on stage. I am delighted to think that my work with Jennifer has led to improvement in my violin playing; but even better, I now have tools to build ease into playing any instrument, and so can hope to continue making music without fear of pain or injury.

Nina Zanetti

Amateur Violin and Appalachian Dulcimer, and Mathematics Educator

"I can't believe how much impact Jennifer’s teaching had on all those college kids - what a great class! It changed their world.

Mark Ostoich

Professor of Oboe, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM)