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September 23, 2019

Ultimately, we all fear rejection. From lovers, family, audiences…the world.

We all fear being cut off from what we want and love, so that what we perceive as the flow of goodness coming in our direction stops.

This is the fear of separation.

And truly, separation is an illusion.

But your perception of this Reality is up to you. It’s up to you to choose to see this, to see beyond of the illusion, to see the illusion for what it is, or not.

What’s the alternative?

The alternative to our belief in the possibility of separation from the source of love and life and all goodness is to stop believing that this is possible.

When we let go of our belief in separation, a belief which has been instilled upon us by others over a lifetime – or many – because it is not inherently natural, we find that there is actually only union.

There is only the Infinite and everything is included in that.

Nothing can be separate from the Infinite, and the Infinite is Absolute.

And when you realize that your awareness of the Infinite is a function of your whole being, including your mind, you can choose to use your mind to wake up that awareness if you wish.

It comes down to a desire. If you desire the union which is Love, then let go of the fear and the belief of separation.

It’s actually very simple.

When you open up to the possibility that your belief may be in something that is not real, then you’re left with the one Reality, the one Truth, which is simply the Oneness of all things, which excludes nothing.

So, if something happens to you that triggers and reinforces an old belief in division, question the reality of your experience!

What if your habitual way of perceiving is not based on reality? Get curious!

Let go of your attachment to a belief which may be faulty, and find out what’s underneath.

What is the Substance that is common to all things? What is the glue that holds all things together even when they seem far apart?

And find out what you really want.

Because when you know what you really want, you can find it in your own mind and let that become the reality of your whole Being – which it already is.

But now you will be able to experience it and love it afresh.

Love starts within, and includes everything.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing the illusion of separation!

But don’t take my word for it. Get curious, question your thoughts and question your beliefs, and set your mind on what you want.

Let go of everything else and find out what’s left.

When I do this, I smile.

Because I Love, and that’s all.

Jennifer xo

p.s. I’d love to get your comments below! Are you in touch with your Muse these days? What’s it like when you are, and when you’re not?

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  1. My anger goes deep righ now because my husband is somewhat emotionally abusive. I’m ok I don’t breathe it in like I used to. I’m just so mad in general that parents have children and they shouldn’t given how they themselves were raised. The cycle of abuse that I think we don’t talk about enough is how behavior is modeled to children and then they mistreat children 5hat they raise. In any case sometimes I do get very angered and I can’t even play. It helps that I can help children with these problems I.n the preschool where I work. Children are our future and we should all be concerned with how they are developing. I’m going on and on however it has made me think that maybe I can volunteer at my school in the orchestra to do a bit more.

    1. Hi Maggie,
      I’m really sorry you’re suffering. Thanks so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts here – I’m sure there are a lot of other readers that can relate to what you say.
      I agree that abuse is absolutely devastating, and has long-lasting consequences.
      I believe the best way to counter that is to really get to know ourSELVES and our reactions better and better, so that we can more objectively discern the best course of action for us. I’m sure the kids you work with are lucky to have you around, and if you volunteer in the orchestra, that will be great.
      And please consider learning TheCyCle, if you haven’t come across it before – it’s a great way to become more present and calm. If you take my 5-day challenge to make it a daily practice, you may be able to tone down your anger and enjoy your music more.
      Here’s the link to learn TheCyCle, and you’ll find the link to the challenge under the video: https://youtu.be/aUEKvfPAXS4
      I wish you all the very best!
      With Love,

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