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April 9, 2014

Dear Musical Friends,

Open to the “Blogpost Muse”!

I just sat down to write my weekly Wednesday blogpost for you, and I'm feeling just a wee bit nostalgic for my old blog, which was a purely Alexander Technique blog, not just for musicians, where I wrote whenever I was inspired between 2011 to 2014.

So today I've decided to share my old blog with you, because everything I wrote there was from the heart (just like what I write here), and there are a lot of posts there that are very dear to me.  I invite you to visit my old blog and enjoy what's there; to me, it's like a treasure trove and I often send my private students there to read specific posts that are on the same topic I'm teaching them about. Here's the link: Balance & Harmony Alexander Technique Blog.

Even though most of the posts there are not written specifically for musicians (my AT students have included all kinds of people, from a fire-fighter to competitive ice-skater to homemaker to accountant…), everything there is relevant to EVERYONE, including musicians, of course!  I'm sure that you will find something there that you can apply to your music-making.  So, if you have a bit of time, I'd love for you to explore the blog and let me know what you find there of interest and how it's relevant to your life as a musician!

Here are just a few of my own favorite posts – some of the ones that I continue to share with my musician students on a regular basis:

On Freedom Directions: http://balanceandharmonyat.blogspot.com/2013/10/directing-into-freedom-with-alexander.html

On Gratitude:  http://balanceandharmonyat.blogspot.com/2013/10/directing-into-freedom-with-alexander.html#uds-search-results

Other favorite popular posts are listed on the sidebar, and include:
“Unhelpful, habitual thought-patterns can be stopped with the Alexander Technique”
“The Alexander Technique and relief of suffering” 
“On Love and the Alexander Technique”
– “Should I eat the cookie or not?”
 “Positive resistance to stress with Alexander Technique”
“Alexander Technique used as a tool to prepare for death”

I'd love to receive your comments and answer any questions you might have about the Alexander Technique or any other aspect of music-making (or anything else!).  It always makes me happy to share insights with people of like mind!

With Love,

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