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June 15, 2015

Alexander Technique Cincinnati musiciansWe musicians love a good challenge, so here’s a simple little 4-part experiment to improve your relationship with your instrument!

First, take a moment to go get your instrument and a piece of paper so you can jot down what you discover. If you’re a singer, you can still do these exercises – they’re just a little closer to home.


Now, let go of all expectations, step into your “beginner’s mind”, and let’s explore!

1. Can you find 5 totally new things about your instrument? Things you’ve never ever noticed before? Use your creativity and your senses, find five things, write them down, then come back here.

2. Now: can you love those things, by approaching them with a sense of wonder and awe? Go deeper into your exploration of each thing you found. Can you find the mystery and the beauty in each discovery? Whether it’s a gnarled little spot in the wood, or a funny little smudge on the brass, or an interesting new sound… can you love each new discovery for its quirky unexpectedness…whether ugly, beautiful, or neutral?

3. Can you discover 5 new things you can DO with your instrument that you’ve never done before? Get creative. Use your senses. Write down your inventions.

4. Last but not least, share your discoveries with us below. Tell us what you’ve discovered about your instrument as if it were your best friend or your lover.  Tell us about it, and sing its praises! Tell us why you love it! Tell us what makes your heart skip a beat when you really love and enjoy your instrument, uncovering its hidden mysteries! Revel in your love and celebrate by sharing it!


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