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7 Keys to Make Your Music Sing

CONGRATULATIONS on taking a BIG step towards musical mastery with EASE!

Here's your Checklist & Starter Guide, "The 7 Keys to Make Your Music Great!".

Before you dive in, I want you to know this guide is a big-picture overview of a holistic, unique approach to PAIN-free, ANXIETY-free, and TENSION-free music-making, which I call The Art of Freedom® Method for conscious living and masterful artistry.

This method is based on more than a decade of teaching the Alexander Technique, my lifelong interest in meditation, and more than four decades of performing professionally as a violinist.  

I hope that what I've learned over the years will help you improve both your musical skills and your overall well-being!

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One more thing...

One of the big keys in your "7 Keys" checklist is how important it is to be part of a really great community of musicians. 

I invite you to join mine! If you're not already a member, come check out the The Musician's Advantage™, my closed, FREE group on Facebook.

You'll get tons of useful information in the group and there are a number of important videos in the "Units" section that share my Art of Freedom® approach and teachings. I'm also there to answer your questions, and our members are incredibly supportive all week long!

We're all about enjoying Life through music-making without compromising our physical or mental well-being, and we'd love to infect you with our positive energy! 🙂

Now...come on over to the group and join in the conversation! 

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p.s. Print out your checklist so you can refer to it when you practice! Here's the link again: http://bit.ly/7Keys_MakeYourMusicSing

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