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September 1, 2020

Try making music or performing while plagued by self-doubt. It ain't pretty!
Or teaching…
Or speaking to your audience…
Or making a comment to your colleagues…
Or walking into an interview or audition…

Nope – self-doubt will get us nowhere!

Let's go in a different direction!
How does consistent self-confidence under any circumstances sound to you, instead?

Ah, YES. Let's go for that!

As I was considering the question of overcoming self-doubt his morning in preparation for today's live video, I realized that it all comes down to ONE thing.

When you're centered, fully being yourself, balanced and aligned in mind-body-spirit, authentically YOU…. courage and confidence are present and self-doubt disappears.

Being yourSelf is the ONE thing you need. But…. how to get centered in such a way??

In today's video, I share six steps for vanquishing self-doubt.
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Here are the six steps to vanquish self-doubt and achieve your goals, which I flesh out in the video:

1. KNOW what you want and use your IMAGINATION to enhance your desire of that ideal.

2. CHOOSE to FOCUS. Decide to keep your eye on the prize, no matter what!

3. Be VIGILANT. Use your WILL to say ‘NO' to everything that conspires to pull you off your center – especially your own thoughts.

4. INTERNAL ACTION. Be active internally by practicing good ‘mental hygiene'. Get your mindset right and let go of stress and tension in your body – for success! Practice specific techniques that are quick and easy to enable yourself to do this. (Ask me how to do this – I teach this every day!)

5. EXTERNAL ACTION. Get organized: have clear goals and plans, and then ACT on them. Make them happen! Getting results gives you more confidence every time, when you see that you're able to manifest your ideas. (Ask me how I help my clients get organized. I love simple and efficient systems!)

6. PRACTICE LOVE & GRATITUDE. This step is absolutely essential. Do not skip these!!


Enjoy your natural self-confidence on stage, or anywhere – free to be yourself everywhere, with anybody!

Learn more specifics: contact me to find out about my special 8-week “SummersEnd” private coaching program (by application only), or my Alexander Musicians Jumpstart package. I'd love to help you out of self-doubt, so you can THRIVE as a musician – even during covid-19!!!

With Love,


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