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March 13, 2020

A few days ago (it’s now March 13, 2020), the Coronavirus COVID-19 was declared a pandemic of epic proportions. The world is reeling. We’ve never seen anything like this before, and nobody knows where it will take us.

Many musicians are struggling as a result, with their way of life and livelihood sorely tested.

[Watch today’s live video, where I discuss 5 empowering actions to help you through troubling times – as outlined briefly below.] 

Concert venues are closing the doors and presenters are opting for live-streaming performances in order to protect the public during this serious health scare. Other performances and tours (including mine) are being cancelled outright.

Music educators at all kinds of institutions (including my son’s university) are moving instruction online, and private studio owners are having to do the same in order to continue providing for their students.

Many educators and performers don’t know how to easily transition to online teaching, and there’s a lot of fear and worry over how this will impact lives on every level. ***I will be providing free content and training very soon for professional musicians who want help with transitioning online! If you want updates and news about these offerings, please contact me, and subscribe to my newsletter.***

But whether it’s the latest illness or something that might be considered minor to others, we all go through our own versions of troubled times.  There are always periods of uncertainty when we are forced to conquer fears and confront events beyond our control.

The list of items below are not steps or tips, necessarily, but are instead five empowering actions. Because science has shown that it isn’t just about how thoroughly you wash your hands; it’s also very important to have a positive mindset to boost and fortify your immune system.  What you think is what you get!

  1. Notice your thoughts. Notice your emotions. Notice the feelings in your body.  Get curious!  Pay attention to what you’re thinking and where your mind goes.  Does it worry and spin out of control? Get curious about what you’re thinking and feeling.  Ask yourself where your head and mind is right now – not five minutes ago or two weeks from now.  Stress is not healthy and will not stave off illness.

  2. Accept who you are and how you’re feeling right now, free of judgement, without trying to make yourself different.  How you’re feeling and thinking in this present moment is just a fact.  You have a right to be angry or scared or upset. You need a judgment-free zone.  Whatever you feel in the moment, you need to make a deal with yourself. No self-judgment.
  3. Do some Constructive Thinking.  Ask yourself, “ Where else do I seem a bit easy?”  This is a Primal Alexander (hands-free Alexander Technique by Mio Morales) question that can make a HUGE difference to how you experience yourself when you ask it in a very special way (see today’s video and my video on TheCyCle™ for more details). Pose the question in a light, carefree way… in a way that doesn’t actually require an answer. Don’t try to feel different in your body…Just get curious and wonder… then move on to ask the question again.
  4. Choose your response.  This is about taking a moment to realize you have the freedom to choose you response to what’s happening in any given moment. It’s about choosing how you want to be and feel instead of how you’re reacting and feeling by default. 
  5. Be your True Self!  Let your goodness shine through! I strongly believe that the essence of every human is Love. And, when you get out of your own way, your core goodness – which is Love – is free to radiate outwards.  Our job is to allow love to shine through. So take the empowering action to shower Lovingkindness on yourself and others!

I hope these suggestions leave you feeling a bit better and more empowered about your situation, and help you get through your own troubled time, no matter what it may be.


Jennifer xo


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