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April 30, 2018

This week, I’m doing a short series of LIVE videos on facebook / YouTube to introduce my FREE workshop for violinists and violists. (You can sign up here:

VIDEO #1: “How I got to Carnegie Hall – by NOT practicing (the usual way)!”

Honestly, this first video was a little hard to make, emotionally speaking… because I’m giving you a short review of my life as a violinist and some of the struggles I’ve gone through. Here’s a little summary:

  • Lots of musical FUN as a child…
  • Success as a teen…
  • Losing a competition after lots of wins…
  • Re-thinking my life ambitions and making a RADICAL change…
  • Falling in love…family life…
  • No more practicing! And the joy of music started to die…
  • Physical and emotional challenges… (I was NOT a happy camper!)
  • Neck pain led me to the Alexander Technique >>> TRANSFORMATION!
  • My technique and EVERYTHING got better!
  • Eventually, I found myself… onstage, in recital, at Carnegie Hall. WOW.

I didn’t get there in the “usual” way, that’s for sure!

Hope you enjoy the video… and sign up for my free masterclass for violinists/violists! 🙂

With Love,

p.s. LINK to sign up for my FREE violin/viola masterclass:

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  1. T-to me once I get going to practice it isn’t as hard as I tell myself it will be and most of the time it’s actually enjoyable.

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