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June 18, 2024
“One day one of my teachers in college called me a “free spirit.” What did he mean? I didn’t know, but I liked the idea and never forgot it. When the great violinist Yehudi Menuhin praised the passionate fire within me, I think he was saying the same thing. Somehow, these encouraging words validated my personal experience and motivated me to stay connected to what I felt was at the core of my best music-making. I knew I wanted more of that musical “spirit”!

And yet, at that time my understanding of how to consciously integrate my sense of spirit with my musical experience was still very vague, requiring me to go through a long period of largely rejecting music in favor of spirituality until I learned that these two subjects are absolutely compatible and essentially the same.

Eventually, I learned specific ways of integrating these seemingly different aspects of my life, which are now an important part of what I teach. (Part 2 will share more of my personal story, what led to finding that spiritual-musical integration.)

Tapping into the creative spirit of Love—mostly through music, in my case—I discovered a blissful flow that connects all things; being separate and disconnected is only an appearance. We dissolve into nothingness as we simultaneously merge with everything else and are delivered into the lap of oneness.

Finally, we can relax when we experience everything as a whole, free of separation and conflict. We can let go of the small ego defined by fears, anxieties, negativities, and worry and identify instead with something much greater—something Infinite and Absolute in its unicity—and much smaller since it’s also the stuff of the tiniest atoms within us.

Because this is such a universal experience, which includes everything and excludes nothing, I firmly believe that the process of becoming inspired—tapping into this creative, flowing presence—is innate, perfectly natural, always accessible to everyone. Inspiration is how we tap into the source of creativity, and it is also how we realize the true Self of who we are; it is pure Love, or Being-Consciousness-Bliss.

All we need do is to accept that we do not and cannot know everything, surrender the ego, get out of the illusion that we can control a world made up of separate things, and—in opening up—“let the spirit blow where it listeth.”

The above is a selection from my book, ‘Make Great Music with Ease! The Secret to Smarter Practice, Confident Performance, and Living a Happier Life’, which is a Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards for 2024!

You can grab your copy now using the link in the comments down below, and I'd be so grateful if you could leave a review if you like it! Thanks 🙂

If these ideas pique your curiosity and you’d like to learn more, just send me a private message to ask me about my online private and group programs for musicians. I’d love to have a chat with you about how I can help you make even better music with ease!

With love,
Jennifer ❤️


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