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March 30, 2024

If you're in pain, it's unlikely that you're at your best right now.

Your body hurts when you play, your energy is low, and it’s really hard to feel motivated and excited about your music.

You know you’re in need of healing, and you’re sick of feeling down about yourself and your musical future.

That’s all completely understandable, considering most musicians can’t perform, teach, or meet in person these days.

But what you choose to do now is crucial to whether you’re going to feel healthy, happy, and successful sooner… or whether you’re going to keep feeling worse and struggling with your music down the road.

🎉 The good news is that you CAN take charge of your well-being and learn how to heal faster and overcome pain.

🎉 You CAN learn how to play with lesson tension and enjoy more effortless ease when you play.

🎉 And you CAN feel joyful enthusiasm and musical creativity in your heart again – even if your pain is lingering, and even if you can’t play your instrument due to injury.

And there are only 3 things that you have to do!

✅ #1: Decide to invest in getting expert guidance and support to uncover the root causes of your physical pain and emotional discomfort so that you can start thriving and improving your skills NOW, even before the pandemic is over…

❌ …Instead of feeding the same overall tension habits and attitudes of overuse and misuse that created your pain in the first place…and waiting to see if you miraculously get a different result.


✅ #2: Decide to show up for yourself and take full responsibility for your own healing by learning how your mind and body work together for optimum functioning, so you can start recovering your natural freedom, creativity and joy in life and music…

❌ … Instead of waiting around, using the same old stretching and exercise routines, gambling on whether those expensive specialist treatments and therapies will finally make you feel better, hoping your musical skills will somehow improve as a side effect.

(Making a big shift to feeling better is easier than you may think. I teach my students something they can do in just 5-10 minutes each day, to start feeling better and make a massive difference right away. Be prepared for unexpected good things to start happening soon!)


✅ #3: Decide to explore a simple new process that lets you experience more freedom and ease in your mind, body, everyday movements and music. This is what will finally allow you to tap into the healing energy of creative flow and get “into the zone” for effortless music-making in any circumstance.

❌ … Instead of settling for the status quo, struggling with aches and pains in your body, searching for answers, grappling with recurring performance nerves, self-criticism, and anxiety about the future….and postponing your musical joy until….?

👉 Effortless music-making with creative flow is a skill that is accessible to all musicians. So, why not take the bull by the horns and DECIDE to go for it – all in, with your whole self?

When you know how to instantly access the natural flow of creative energy and ease in your mind and body, you can recover from injury faster, prevent pain when you play, and you can improve your musical skills and performance with JOY instead of anxiety.

You’ll also be able to instantly shift your attention away from a negative outlook and start enjoying more positive experiences every day. 🌈

I know the struggles for musicians are real on every level – mental, emotional, physical, and artistic.

The Art of Freedom® Method is definitely the solution for you if you’re ready to take charge of your life now, so that you can feel better sooner and emerge from whatever you're struggling with now better than ever before, in every way.

My Art of Freedom® Method will allow you to cultivate ease in mind, body and soul, and you’ll learn exactly how to apply it to relieve your pain and play your instrument with ease.

You’ll learn my simple, step-by-step process to healing and artistic mastery based on the Alexander Technique principles and Primal Alexander™ daily home practices, using my three-pronged approach:

⭐ 1) Private Coaching:

Get expert feedback and personalized solutions in a private session with me. After this session, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do for yourself in order to start feeling better and playing better.

Clients typically report that my feedback is so spot-on that it can feel like I’m reading their minds (of course, I’m not really – I just have a TON of training and many years of experience in helping musicians with hands-free Alexander Technique online). When you want to learn how to play without the tension that causes and prolongs pain, getting super-specific feedback on your habits is invaluable.

⭐ 2) Self-Study:

You’ll get my proven self-study materials where you’ll learn the principles of The Art of Freedom® Method and the Alexander Technique to create positive new habits and improve your mind-body skills. Practice what you learn for just a few minutes a day, and positive results are guaranteed.

Harpist Angele Aisling says, “TheCyCle (a simple Awareness Etude) has been so healing for me it has literally changed my life! Noticing the ease in my body drastically reduced the amount of pain I was dealing with on a daily basis from chronic health issues. My body feels better than it has in 25 years! Never did I think I could feel this good again. It has been healing for mind, body and spirit in so many wonderful, unexpected ways.”

⭐ 3) OPTIONAL BENEFIT: Get Access to Live Group Classes (or Videos) & Supportive Community:

Belong to an amazing international community and learn along with other musicians working on the same things you are. It's incredibly empowering and supportive to hear everyone else's stories and realize you're not the only one struggling. And it's super-inspiring when your classmates share their breakthroughs, so you can see what's actually possible for YOU!

💥 This process is GUARANTEED to help you improve. 💥

If you decide that now is the time to invest in your well-being and your music-making for an easier, healthier, more enjoyable future, message me today to learn more about The Art of Freedom® Method and how I can help you have a breakthrough. If you’re in pain and you want a new, proven way out, contact me here or email me at Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me now and ask for the details!

~ Jennifer xo

p.s. Want a preview of what's possible? Come to my upcoming workshop: “3 Keys to Play Your Instrument PAIN-FREE” on April 1st and 2nd! Just let me know if you want me to send you the details and registration link.


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