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April 12, 2024

Hi! Get ready to be entertained and uplifted with today’s selection for our Weekend Media Showcase Series, featuring inspiring conversations between popular podcast hosts and myself related to music-making, and how to enjoy your musical LIFE with more Ease, Grace, and JOY! 🙂

I invite you into the world of “Harmonious Conversations” with Whitney Ann Jenkins. Throughout our discussion, I’ll offer a glimpse into my evolution from violin soloist to a certified Alexander Technique (AT) teacher, merging my passion for music with mindfulness and self-discovery.

Together, Whitney and I will delve into the transformative effects of meditation and timeless wisdom on teaching philosophy, and I’ll share how my students have achieved breakthroughs they’d never thought possible.


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I’d really love to get your feedback on this podcast interview… send me a message with your thoughts after you listen – thanks!



Alexander Technique, motivation, performance anxiety, The Musician's Advantage

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