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April 29, 2024

Today, let’s celebrate Aboud Abaza, Violin, Syria/Australia 🎉

“My violin is my life”

Let’s celebrate Aboud, who received the Australian of the Year Award, last October 2021 – WOW!!

I am so proud of Aboud, who travelled from Syria to Australia with his family and went back to school to learn how to play classical violin after a successful career in Syria playing traditional Syrian music. Aboud, you are a total inspiration!!

In Aboud’s words…

“Some years ago, I watched a beautiful violinist sharing her practice session on YouTube, and her smile, sound and calmness attracted me immediately.

Then I started my great experience with her through her videos and Facebook group and finally I became one of her Art of Freedom students.

I was full of many negative thoughts and had a lot of performance anxiety. I was struggling to finish my last year in the conservatory, after re-creating my career from an eastern style of violin playing to western.

She supported me in many ways, she gave a lot of advice and opened my soul and eyes to a new musical world.

She guided me to ease and I felt I was re-born.

I can’t find the appropriate enough words to explain how much she changed my life, because my violin is my life and she gave me a new great perspective on how to feel the music and how everything in my body is connected.

Now I am a totally a new person, full of happiness and gratitude. I can know what happens in my body, soul and brain, I can do my constructive thinking any time, and I do my Cycle Etude every day.

She helped me even in the financial aspect and supported me just because she wanted to spread the love and faith to all people.

I am talking about my great teacher and friend Jennifer. I will not forget forever your help and support.

With all my love and respect.”

Thank you, Aboud, and BRAVO on your most recent success! May there be many more in your future! 


Click here to listen and watch Aboud perform at the Australian of the Year ceremony!


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– Jennifer ❤️



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