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April 16, 2024
Today, let’s celebrate Golden Hawk, Flute 🎉

Today, I’d like to share a quote (below) from a student who finished The Musician’s Advantage Jumpstart program with me. Jim works with show horses and plays the flute.

I am so moved by what he writes here. I want everyone here to know that the experiences he describes are available for YOU, too – whether you’re a beginner or a lifelong professional.

Everyone who goes through this 6-week program gets results, which is why I always offer a 100% money-back guarantee (which nobody has ever claimed).

Here’s what Golden Hawk has to say about his experience in the TMA Jumpstart program:

“Through your classes, I’ve seen your words come to life. The sincerity shows through, every time.

I think musicians feel things a bit differently than others. The emotions run deeper.. the need to express and share, much more intense. People thank me for playing for them.. the reality is almost completely the other way around!

It makes me so happy to see them listen.. to see the emotions triggered by even my simple music. They think I play for them.. and I do.. but I also play for me.

The intimacy enjoyed.. I don’t do intimacy and emotions well.. but through my music, there is a release.. I can share it all there, and not feel embarrassed by it.

You’ve helped be get past the fear of sharing. As a beginner player, so much of my focus falls on the mistakes.. the things that could have gone better. But through the sharing, I’ve learned it’s not like that.

Yes we all want to continue to improve our skills.. but the audience is not sitting there with a notebook, making tic marks any time there’s a glitch.

They listen, and enjoy the feelings they hear. And the love and intimacy becomes much bigger than any mistakes along the way.

That’s been quite a lesson to learn.. to learn, and enjoy.

A portal to the Divine? Yes. That enters into it as well.

So much wordless communication.. so much bigger than the notes on the page.. you are so right.. boil it all down, it all comes down to love and acceptance.

Love, acceptance, and sharing.

You provide lots of missing pieces to the puzzle, as I muddle along my musical journey here. 😊

I’m very happy our paths have crossed!

.. and send along my thanks! 😊”


I’ll be running a new Masterclass soon for musicians ready to take their playing to the next level with EASE, without all the emotional struggle and physical stress.

Send me a private message or email me at jennifer@artoffreedom.me if you want me to send you information about the next class!

– Jennifer ❤️


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