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April 22, 2024
Today, let’s celebrate Mary Loney, Violinist 🎉

Here’s Mary’s inspiring story:

“Hi, I’m Mary Loney and I’ve been a violinist for 50 years. After two back surgeries and then a fall I’ve been dealing with serious pain – to the point that I could no longer play the violin.

I was in so much pain I had to stop playing a few years before my husband passed. I played my last symphony concert in so much pain I was in tears.I knew it would my last concert as a professional violinist.

One day a few years ago, the urge to play – which is my passion – came over me. I typed into my computer looking for a violin teacher who understands pain and could help to reduce my pain.

I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease in my spine, osteoarthritis etc.

Jennifer’s name came up in my search.

I watched her videos on her free site and went through ‘TheCyCle’ Awareness Etude, which brought immediate relief to me!

I could play the violin again!

I took Jennifer’s introductory course last summer to help with my pain, and soon I started playing in church again.

I learned why I was in pain, and gained the tools to get rid of pain using your mind.

Last summer, I made the bold decision to audition for the symphony after having hip replacement surgery.

I had by this time graduated to Jennifer’s advanced class.

I recently auditioned for the symphony with confidence and ease, and I just found out that I was accepted into the Green Bay Civic Symphony!!

I strongly recommend taking one of Jennifer’s courses.

Jennifer is an excellent teacher who understands performance anxiety and pain. She herself is a violinist. She is a very compassionate and caring teacher who will guide you on your journey to become the best musician you can be!!

Her programs have helped me with pain, performance anxiety, and have also helped me to play more beautifully and freer.

The class is outstanding and the support of other musicians is very valuable. We’re in this together!!”

Mary Loney
___I’ll be running a new Masterclass soon for musicians ready to take their playing to the next level with EASE, without all the emotional struggle and physical stress.

Send me a private message or email me at jennifer@artoffreedom.me if you want me to send you information about the next class!

– Jennifer 💖


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