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April 8, 2024

Today, let’s celebrate Martie Perry, Violinist & Violist! 🎉

Martie is a stellar musician was been my private coaching client a while back.

She started my program with some physical pain and trepidation regarding certain events in her life, wishing to find more balance, greater well-being, and also more freedom and ease in her music. She’s consistently followed my Art of Freedom® Method just as it’s designed, and you can read the life-changing results she was creating for herself after just a few months of working together, here below. Wow!

I am so grateful for my Alexander Technique teacher Jennifer Roig-Francoli, and for all that I am learning in my private coachings and in her classes. I am also thankful for the loving community she has created at The Musician’s Advantage™ Advanced Group, and to be learning along with amazing colleagues in the group. I can’t recommend her course highly enough.

I did a small, but somewhat stressful project over the past couple days that in the past would have been painful emotionally and physically. In the past, while I would have “gotten through”, I might have felt miserable and paralyzed at moments. Because of the consistent practice that I have been cultivating with Jennifer as my coach over these past few months, instead I was able to really enjoy and appreciate the process, was pain-free, and I played not only with confidence, but also with a deep connection with the music, my colleagues, and my violin.

I felt so good about the work, and my playing, and I was really proud of myself (which is not something that is always easy for me to say). I can also say that the very best of myself came through in my playing (I created much of what I wanted to paint with a piece as an artist), which is so satisfying to be able to feel and know.

It was empowering to know that I had choices, and to make healthy choices for myself. It was good to be reminded that I could structure aspects about the project in a way that would be encouraging and supportive of everyone involved as well, and that the atmosphere could be loving and fun for my colleagues. I love that I was not letting my protectionism (the toxic kind) be an enemy of so much that is valuable, beautiful, and incredibly worthy and relevant. I feel brave and strong. This work is changing my life.” ❤️❤️❤️

~ BRAVO, Martie! 🙂


Want to learn how YOU can enjoy a healthier, more balanced and successful life, and make better music, too? I have a couple openings in my private online coaching studio right now for the Spring/Summer months. Just send me a message to inquire and we can have a chat about what’s possible for you!

Happy Spring!
– Jennifer xo

Martie Perry, Baroque Violinist and Violist; Co-Concertmaster, North Carolina Baroque Orchestra; Principal Second Violin, Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra


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