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Helping musicians transform their lives so they can feel great, play great, and make a real difference in the world.

Hi, I'm Jennifer Roig-Francolí, Creator of The Art of Freedom® Method, helping musicians enjoy a healthy, balanced life and an abundantly successful career while making a real difference in the world.

These days are really tough for musicians. Besides feeling stressed, anxious, and uninspired due to the pandemic, many musicians are also in pain. Their performance doesn't live up to their own high standards, and their inner critic is having a field day! Using my unique holistic approach, I help musicians heal, regain focus, get control over their time, and rekindle their passion so they can improve their artistic performance and enjoy a life that's beautifully aligned with their true purpose.

Offering private coaching and group programs for musicians who want to play better and feel better in mind, body, and spirit. Plus... performances, workshops, and healing events for an inspired, world-class experience!

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The five pillars of the Art of Freedom® Method address the whole of who you are as a person, allowing us to get to the root cause of your pain, tension, anxiety, and blockages to success... to help you thrive and experience true freedom in your everyday life and in your music. LEARN MORE ›






"Studying with Jennifer has, without a doubt, saved my career in music! I'm rediscovering my passion for music, overcoming performance anxiety, and reclaiming strength within myself, making me a better person and better musician."

Sarah Herbert

“I met Jennifer when I was desperately looking for relief from overuse injuries I sustained from playing my fiddle. She was able to help me learn to play with a MUCH lighter touch, making my playing faster, easier, and more fluid. Practice and performance is now fun again!”

Kitty McIntyre
Bluegrass Fiddle

"I was just expecting for my back to feel better, but everything feels better! I feel better physically when I play - but also emotionally and spiritually. I have a greater sense of freedom and confidence, and I’ve learned how to relax when I play."

Rachel Lee
Music Educator